Art that doesn’t leave you guessing

Art that doesn't leave you guessing

Art of our time, which neither frightens nor perplexes – on the contrary: according to a press release, the working group "culture in the town hall" has once again succeeded in engaging artists whose skills were impressive and whose works convinced the audience with their expressiveness and aesthetics.

The evening began with a one-hour performance of the "soder.Adelt.Quartet.S", a jazz formation of four young musicians (julian soder/guitar, frank adelt/piano, benedikt held/contrabass, thomas fruhinsfeld/drums), who had come together during their studies at the music academy wurzburg. With breathtaking technique, high musical expressiveness and perfect communication, they interpreted jazz standards, some of them in their own arrangements. They rewarded the long applause of the audience with two encores.

At the following vernissage the works of two artists were presented, who complement each other perfectly because of their contrasting working methods: the painter and graphic artist LONS and the sculptor kurt grimm. LONS’ richly colored paintings are usually created in layers, which he paints over, sands down and destroys several times, in order to work on them anew. He carves patterns or symbols into some of them that are reminiscent of prehistoric cave paintings.

On the other hand, there are the sculptures of kurt grimm, whose development from representational sculpture into abstraction, reduced to basic geometric forms, has been very pleasing. In accordance with the exhibition space, there are small sculptures to be seen, worked in iron, with a uniformly rough-brown surface and yet full of elegant lightness. As different as the two artists’ work is, they reached the audience in the same way.

The exhibition in the town hall of markt einersheim is open once again on 9. And on 12. May see.