New footpath and cycle path costs redwitz three quarters of a million

In its most recent meeting, the city council dealt with the precise planning of the two projects.

As far as the footpath and cycle path are concerned, mayor christian mrosek sent ahead that the land acquisition has now been fully notarized. In january, the committee had awarded the planning, including the new construction of a water pipeline, to the engineering firm SRP from kronach.

Ring closure

The planners stefan strohlein and philipp engelhardt informed that the water pipe will be laid under the footpath and cycle path. This would not only result in a ring closure, but also increase the consumption pressure in unterlangenstadt. Compensation areas were created for the fallen trees.

According to the planners, the footpath and cycle path will be 900 meters long and 2.50 meters wide, and even 3.50 meters wide with a shoulder. Beacons will make the end of the line visible. An empty pipe will be laid in addition to the water pipeline. No rock had been found in soil samples.

Strohlein and engelhardt put the cost of the footpath and cycle path at 215,000 euros, the water pipe at 330,000 euros and the sewer at 56,000 euros. Land acquisition, surveying and fees will bring the total to 750,000 euros.

Work is scheduled to start in september

In the 2018 budget, a total of 600,000 euros has been earmarked for this measure. Whether lighting is financially feasible still needs to be clarified. The community council approved the plans. The invitation to tender should be carried out as soon as possible. It should start in september 2018.

Further the representatives of the SRP office presented the plan for the trench reconstruction in the gassla. Mayor mrosek noted that it was initially planned to rehabilitate the alley in 2017 from the junction with kronacher strabe to the entrance to the swimming pool parking lot.

Inliner only conditionally possible

Necessary work on the water pipeline – including valve replacement and hydrant renewal – should also be done.

However, it was then determined that from the property at number 10 to the entrance to the swimming pool parking lot, parts of the sewer cannot be rehabilitated with inliners. Four canals also run side by side in this area. They date back to the time when the location of the clearing plant in redwitz was in the area of the playground in weiherdammstrabe.

In order to rectify this situation, the board decided to have the sewers in this area hydraulically recalculated and replaced by two new pipes. Also, the pumps and the control of the pumping station gassla uberarbeitet should be. The office was also entrusted with the planning.

Weak points found

The engineers explained that damage points and weak spots were found during inspections and surveys. October 2018 was indicated as the start of construction for the closed redevelopment with inliners. The continuation will take place in the spring of 2019 and will continue throughout the year.

The first cost estimate was a good 300000 euros for the sewer rehabilitation, the same amount must be budgeted for the timetable rehabilitation. A total of 425,000 euros has been earmarked in the 2018 budget.

In order to familiarize the local associations with the effects of the new basic data protection regulation, the municipality is organizing an information event with a data protection expert.

Minister to come

On the subject of the power line, gunter friedlein is pleased to know that the ministry of economics has promised to take care of the problems. Therefore, the municipal council wants to invite the minister to redwitz. More posters against the planned power line will be hung up in the rough municipality.
Jurgen gabelein informed that the action on the trodelmarkt had brought 500 signatures. These actions should be continued.