Workers’ fubball: a neustadt story

Workers' sports have a special history in germany. It will begin at the end of the 19. The first projects of the twenty-first century in berlin were with gymnastics clubs of the workers' movement. Beginning of the 20. The first workers' soccer clubs are being formed in the early twenty-first century. FC arminia 06 neustadt, which later became ASV, was one of the first to join. Reason enough for the club to apply for a traveling exhibition that the german fubball museum in dortmund created a few weeks ago.

As third mayor martin stingl (SPD) informed at the meeting of the cultural senate on tuesday, the ASV would like to host the exhibition in the kultur.Work.Present city. The senate is quite positive about this. Now the modalities are to be clarified in order to be able to show the exhibition, probably in the fall of 2019.

Workers' sports are always seen in political terms at first. As early as the first world war, social democrats and working-class athletes came under pressure, but were allowed to continue playing sports for the most part. The fact that the number of clubs is declining is due in no small part to the fact that many athletes are killed in the wars. After the war, the workers' sports movement grows again before it is even banned under national socialism.

Banned by nazis

FC arminia 06 neustadt had joined the social democratic arbeiter-turn- und sportbund in 1922. April 1933 the SV arminia and the free gymnasts were banned in the course of the so-called gleichschaltung after adolf hitler's seizure of power. The orphaned sports ground is taken over by the reichsarbeitsdienst in 1936.

23. June 1947 followed the reunion of the SV arminia and the free gymnasts in a now common workers' sports club. 15. August 1949 the club is renamed ASV 06 neustadt. The association has good reasons to apply for the traveling exhibition.

Honor for the ambassadors

Sylke and hans-bernd carl have made it. They visited ten new towns of the association new town in europe. Thus they were allowed to call themselves new town ambassadors. Reinhold pollach has already fulfilled this requirement for the third time and dieter seyfarth is a neustadt ambassador for the fourth time. He took up the cudgels for the association's partner cities: by the way, the neustadts are also very good destinations for club outings." He himself has been organizing bus trips to the neustadt meetings for years.