Smoking club appoints paul roth as honorary member

Smoking club appoints paul roth as honorary member

In the context of a pre-christmas celebration, the "rauchclub blaue wolke 1919 steinach e" took a cure.V. His club champion in cigarillo slow smoking. After singing christmas carols together, an advent story, a joint dinner, also visited st. St. Nicholas, alias honorary member otto dunisch, welcomed the members and their families to the schneider inn and looked back on the past year. Quite taken with it was st. St. Nicholas from the many actions for the 100th anniversary that the association has accomplished in this year 2019.

Chairwoman ulrike dempsey thanked the board and all members for their help and support in the annual activities of the association, especially in this year of anniversary.

A special honor was made up for, which should already have taken place in 2018. For many years of loyal membership and special services paul roth was appointed honorary member.

The chairwoman congratulated him and explained that a member who has been loyal to the club for such a long time – 54 years now – who has been active from the beginning and who has lent a hand at all the club’s festivities as long as his health permitted, deserves the respect of all of us.

Club champion gekurt

The prize giving and awarding of the club champions as the high point of the annual competition was done by the smoke masters sandra bambach and jennifer balling. They looked back on the six smoke nights of the year and presented the trophies to the respective winners: in the women’s category, heidi hochemer took first place with 147.5 minutes. Secure place. Lorette weib with 138.5 minutes and ulrike dempsey with 132 minutes followed on the "podium.

Club champion in the men’s race was oskar hochemer with 175 minutes. He also received the challenge cup, which he can now call his own after winning three times.

He was followed by alois gundalach with 123.5 minutes in second place and albert koch with 106.5 minutes in third place. The other participants received non-cash prizes.

The "fastest slow smoker almost traditionally richard freibott won the lucky-loser-cup with a time of 70.5 minutes and get hold of something on which it is written:"…Every year…"