375 Candles on the hochstadt windows

375 candles on the hochstadt windows

So that at this year’s candlelight procession of the st.-the parish of st. George, which is traditionally celebrated on the evening of the 1st. The parish has initiated a very special project to create an even more atmospheric image of hochstadt’s old town. In the course of the "hochstadt leuchtet" campaign the residents at the market place, at the city tower, at the vogelseck and in the steinwegstrabe were invited to light candles on their windowsills this evening.

The special thing about it: the candles and suitable holders are supplied by the parish. Three volunteer members of the parish council have been working on the brackets since wednesday and will ensure that every resident who takes part in the campaign can decorate their windowsills with them on the evening in may.

"The spruce boards are shortened to a length of 70 cm, then five holders for the candle glasses are "frenched in", explains parish councilor georg romer. He and the other two volunteers, gerhard wirkner and karl krippner, have a total of 75 boards to build.

Although all three were trained in mechanical engineering and therefore have more to do with metal, they are no strangers to wood as a material. The result of their work in the parish barn, which serves as a workshop among other things, can be seen on 1. May be admired at the light procession through hochstadt. On sunday at 8 p.M. The first solemn may devotion begins in the town parish church. A baroque radiant wreath madonna will be carried in the subsequent candlelight procession through the old town of hochstadt. The procession will begin shortly after 20.30 o’clock leave the church and go through the main street, the bird’s corner and the stone way street through the city gate to the market place.