Doubts about the appointment of local representatives

Doubts about the appointment of local representatives

Local representatives are those city councillors who raise the concerns and notes from their respective districts to the political stage. In the past years, their appointment was considered a formality. But this year this kind of decision led to discussions. For this reason, the city council had made the decision at its constituent meeting on 8 march. May deferred.

Compatible with municipal regulations

Now, at the city council meeting in the elementary school gymnasium, head of administration roland gorke, after consulting with the legal supervisor at the district administration office, came up with the information that the appointment by city council decision, which had been used until then, was compatible with the municipal code. The district office draws a parallel to the appointment of the district council deputies in the district council to explain this. There, too, the mandate holders vote among themselves without letting the people decide.

Reimar gluckler maintained the doubts of the CBB faction at the meeting. The appointment of the local representative was a special hammelburg procedure that was anchored in the hammelburg city council’s bylaws in 1978 and should now be reviewed by a recognized expert, he said. "Neither the scope of duties nor the criteria for appointment are clearly defined", he complained.

So far always unanimously

The criticism is new: in the past decades, the appointment of local representatives had always been consensual. There was no reason for conflict: either there was only one councilor from each district, or the districts concerned agreed among themselves who would be elected.

This year it’s different because of a competitive situation in westheim. Gabi ebert (free electorate) wants to hold the office again, but norbert schaub (SPD) also showed ambitions. That is why, according to critics of ebert’s appointment, it would make sense to let the people of westheim vote on which of the two should be appointed.

This was opposed by arnold eiben (CSU). "We can’t make any retroactive changes", he continued. For future election periods, the CSU has prepared draft statutes, which will be presented in due course and will clarify open questions. The present appointment of mandate holders is quite common in municipal bodies, said florian rothlein with a view to parallels, for example, at the wastewater association. "No one has bothered to do so".

"Without the situation in westheim, the problem would not have arisen", objected martin wende (CSU). "This is not about westheim in particular, but about a fundamental clarification", norbert schaub (SPD), as a contender for the office in westheim, disagreed. "What would we make worse if we let the people of westheim vote??", asked thomas reuter (burgerliste obereschenbach). Alexander stolz (CBB) does not consider the matter to have been sufficiently legally examined. "The information that it is handled similarly in other cases is not enough for me", he said.

Finally, the CSU and the greens, with the exception of monika horcher (alliance 90/greens), voted to appoint gabi ebert as local representative for westheim. This also with the reference to the fact that a further examination could drag on for a very long time and the districts were hung in the air for such a long time.

In a dual role

The black-green coalition also prevailed in a second question concerning local representatives. The SPD had requested that diebach does not explicitly need a local representative, because this office is not explicitly defined in the city council’s bylaws. This task could be accomplished by mayor armin warmuth as mayor and elisabeth assmann as second mayor. Mayor gewissermaben join in, because they both come from the district. This saved the city around 400 euros in compensation payments. If the city council did not refrain from filling the post, the SPD brought in an interested party who would perform the office free of charge.

"I can’t do that because I’m running as mayor for everyone", mayor warmuth rejected this proposal. The majority agreed to appoint elisabeth assmann as local representative with the appropriate compensation. After all, this is an additional task that must be honored. Particularly since there are a number of things to be regulated in the village renewal process.

In each case, the remaining local representatives were appointed by a large majority. It is gratifying that almost all city districts are represented by a member of the city council. By edmund schaupp (gauaschach), tobias knuttel (morlesau), maria pfaff (obererthal), thomas reuter (obereschenbach), detlef heim (pfaffenhausen), bernd hufner (untererthal) and albrecht leurer (untereschenbach). Depending on the number of inhabitants, the compensation is between 300 and 400 euros.

Local spokesman for feuerthal?

Only feuerthal is without its own town councilor. If at least one third of the residents request it, a local spokesperson can be elected in the district. He is then present at the meetings without voting rights. When the election can take place depends on the development of the corona restrictions.