22-Year-old hides several grams of crystal in her body

22-year-old hides several grams of crystal in her body

According to the press office of the police prasidium of upper franconia, shortly before 5 p.M. The man and the woman from the area of lichtenfels, who had crossed the border into bavaria by train, were checked by police officers from marktredwitz. The police suspected that the train passengers were carrying drugs.

During a subsequent medical examination, several grams of crystal, which the 22-year-old had hidden in her body, were seized. Fortunately, the young woman did not suffer any bodily harm as a result of her behavior. Officers of the hof criminal investigation department began investigating both drug smugglers for violations of the narcotics act.

Body smuggling very dangerous
The high risk to which people expose themselves in the so-called body smuggling of drugs was demonstrated in a tragic incident at the beginning of august: at that time, a 32-year-old woman had bought crystal in the czech republic.
According to previous findings, she swallowed the packaged drug before making her way back to bayreuth.

When she arrived home, the woman felt increasingly worse. An emergency doctor called to the scene could no longer prevent the woman from dying shortly afterwards. The bayreuth criminal investigation department began investigating the cause of death, and the bayreuth public prosecutor's office ordered an examination of the 32-year-old's body.

Based on the results of the investigation, it can be assumed that the crystal in the 32-year-old's body had leaked from the package. This led finally in a short time to the death of the bayreutherin.