A marathon under the earth

A marathon under the earth

Anyone who runs a marathon is already a bit crazy. Who does this with helmet and headlamp 500 meters below the ground is really "crazy. It is therefore hardly surprising that eleven members of the crazy runners team frankenwald – among them andre kraus from friesen – made their way to the merkers adventure mine in thuringia to take part in the so-called crystal marathon underground with a total of 700 other athletes.

Even the way to the venue is unusual: the visitors' center of the museum mine was transformed into the organization center, with start number and transponder distribution. Afterwards it hieb helm aufsetzen and dens gedrangt it goes with a multilevel forderkorb in only 90 seconds in a depth of over 500 meters.

After that, everyone had to gather in the sluice and then it was time to get on the flatbed trucks, which took the athletes on a fast two-kilometer ride to the starting and finishing point – the "grobbunker" (5) – brought. This impressive 250-meter-long, 15-meter-high and 22-meter-wide hall was the hub of the event for the next few hours.

Unprecedented number of high meters

Three of the "crazy runners went to the start over the marathon distance, eight got ready for the half marathon distance. For the long distance 13 rounds of 3.25 kilometers had to be completed, for the half marathon runners seven rounds were on the schedule. The runners had to face an unexpected number of high meters, because the cleated roads were not only running horizontally straight ahead.

The climate and the running outfit were also unusual. Underground temperatures are around 20 degrees all year round and helmet and headlamp were required as compulsory equipment. After the densely packed start, the field of runners became less crowded, and the first "crazy runners" were able to get to the finish line on the half marathon distance reached the finish line with a time of just over two hours.

But time played only a minor role. In the foreground was the experience value of this unusual run. A frankenwalder, however, went the distance with commitment: johannes haueis from hermes near marktleugast. He finished the long distance race in 3:00:30 hours, just over the target time of under three hours. The reward was 3rd place in the overall standings. The winner johannes plottner (gutsmuths rennsteiglaufverein) had 2:53:52 hours on the clock.