Old treasures, newly presented

Old treasures, newly presented

Kronach – singing again. While other countries have always "nurtured and cared for" their folk songs, in germany, musical treasures such as "horch, was kommt von drauben rein" ("listen, what’s coming in from the sky") were to be heard on sunday, "the muhle rattles by the rushing brook" or "in the most beautiful meadow regrettably, until recently he still had the image of the dusty. But for some time now, there have been traces of a kind of renaissance of the good old songs.

Original arrangements of german folk songs circulate in the concert halls. More and more choruses are rediscovering the old songs and trying to put them in a positive and contemporary light. The vocal ensemble "klangwerk coburg" is one of them, on sunday in the synagogue, the motto of their concert debut "the thoughts are free – folk songs in a new guise" was followed did all honor.

One day after the successful premiere in coburg, the chamber choir presented a demanding program with a wide musical range in kronach. Stephan gesell in his funeral: "if you abbreviate klangwerk coburg, you get KC. Probably that’s why kronachers were also allowed to sing in the choir", he mutmabte with a wink of the eye. Erika kreuzer, who together with sven gotz is responsible for the rehearsal of the songs, led through the wonderful evening, which was good for many a surprise. Original choral pieces were performed, especially from the 16th century. And 17. He performed both nineteenth-century and modern arrangements based on folk songs, some of which were written by sven gotz himself. They all made the beauty of the well-known melodies "audible" in a completely new way, without "reinventing" them.

The enthusiastic audience enjoyed, among other things, exciting re-encounters with the loreley ("ich weib nicht, was soll es bedeuten"), the brunnlein ("wenn alle brunnlein flieben") and the jungfer kathen ("tanz nicht mit meiner jungfer kathen") – somewhat different from what was known before, but in no way alienated; instead with more dynamism and suspense! In the pleasantly warm overall sound, sad ballads of unhappy lovers like "O, du schoner rosengarten" were heard. The mockery of the tailors’ guild "zu regensburg auf der kirchturmspitz" was humorous and snappy therefore; humbly the thanksgiving song to the dear god "what do i ask for much money and good" – wonderful pieces, which can also be heard in the 21. Have lost none of their radiance.

The fact that you can’t help but love this new old music was due in particular to the lively and clean-sounding performance of the choir. The voices formed a harmonious carpet of sound, peppered with accents – choral music can be so beautiful and delightful!

The program was enriched by three virtuoso compositions of the guitarist and guitar builder thomas schaller. In his playing, characterized by a sensitive method and impressive dexterity, marktzeulner took up folk song themes, while incorporating related sound elements.

The warm applause and standing ovations showed how much the audience enjoyed this musical journey through space and time. As a reward, there was a heartfelt and moving "guten abend, gut’ nacht" (good evening, good night) as an encore – also an arrangement by sven gotz, with fine voice divisions.