Dog excrement remains “not punishable”

Dog excrement remains

The city has set up five stations in the area: at the entrance to the TSV sports field, at the entrance to jahnallee in hohe der nagelsbrucke, at the beginning of the new flood basin dam in hohe der flood barrier, at the bridge on the old triebenreuther weg and at the ford near the heimgarten. "This is our "dog mile, says the head of the city about the selection of the locations where, in addition to the donor, there is also a collection box for the animal excrement. "The dog mile stretches from the bike path up to the end of jahnallee."
Whether the city will in the future take action against dog owners who refuse the doggie offer and continue to pollute paths and roads with their dogs? In principle, says wolfrum, the city had the authority to do so by ordinance. "But the question is whether we really want to introduce a dog excrement police force?" What also initiator knud espig from "pro stadtsteinach" said doubts and underpins it with the remark that it would be difficult to prove causation in individual cases. "You would need photos or even a DNA-analysis."