Wolkenstein, buckenreuth, rothenbuhl, gasseldorf and feuerstein on the net

Wolkenstein, buckenreuth, rothenbuhl, gasseldorf and feuerstein on the net

In ebermannstadt, the fiber-optic provider M-net and the municipal utility of ebermannstadt have expanded the fiber-optic network. With the help of the bavarian demand program, the villages of wolkenstein, buckenreuth, rothenbuhl, gasseldorf and burg feuerstein have now been opened up as well.

The newly constructed network sections were officially put into operation on friday with mayor christiane meyer (NLE). In the course of the project, which was supported by the bavarian demand program, around 28 kilometers of fiber optic cable were laid and more than 100 buildings were connected in 18 months. Fiber-optic lines reach into the home or office, so users there can now benefit from download speeds of up to 300 megabits per second. The expansion covered 118 private households and 15 commercial units. Upload speeds of up to 50 mbit/s are possible. "Broadband rollout to the flat is an essential factor for the future viability of the region", christiane meyer "that’s why i’m delighted that we have now been able to close further gaps in our broadband network – and even with fiber optic lines right into the home."

The construction of the infrastructure and the operation of the network for ebermannstadt are carried out jointly by M-net and the municipal utilities of ebermannstadt. The municipal utilities have taken over the almost 28 kilometer-long civil engineering work and laid new fiber-optic lines right up to the household wall socket. M-net built the network technology, operates the network with telecommunications services, provides users with the necessary hardware and takes care of customer service.

"With the new fiber-optic network, ebermannstadt is well equipped for the future in terms of the internet", says jurgen fiedler, managing director of ebermannstadt’s municipal utility company. "For all of the 130 or so households and business locations in the new development areas, the following applies: we are already activating a network here today that will offer bandwidths in the gigabit range in the future."

A total of around 2,500 households in the community of ebermannstadt are now connected to M-net’s network.

"Fiber optic connections offer high and stable bandwidths and are particularly suitable for the use of data-intensive applications. This also includes online gaming, storing and retrieving data in a cloud or setting up a home office", explains M-net regional manager sandra stiedl.

In addition to weilersbach, the towns of gasseldorf, unterleinleiter, moggast, kanndorf and wohlmuthshull, as well as the diesbrunnen and judenacker districts of ebermannstadt, have already been connected to the fiber optic network by the ebermannstadt municipal utility company.