Human bones from kiel are probably from a woman

human bones from kiel are probably from a woman

This is to be assumed after the examination by the medical examiner, said senior public prosecutor axel bieler on wednesday to the dpa news agency. "This is relatively safe."Skeleton and needle shape love it. The woman was probably between 18 and 40 years old.

"We don’t have any further insights at the moment," said bieler. Closer investigation should clarify why, when and how the woman died. The find is now being compared with previously known missing persons traps. The police asked witnesses who could provide information to come forward.

The blue mullsack with the body parts had discovered a 21-year-old woman on tuesday at the B 76 in the district elmschenhagen in the undergrowth, when she around 17.00 o’clock with her car at a red light waited. "She saw bones sticking out of the bag in the berm behind the guardrail and notified police," a spokesman said.

A first examination in the late evening showed that a completely skeletonized corpse was in the mullsack. The criminal investigation department assumes that the sack had been placed there several months ago. At first it was unclear whether the bones were those of a child or an adult.

One thing the investigators had ruled out right after the first examinations: that the dead man could be the turkish man tekin bicer, who had been missing for three years. A year ago, the authorities spent weeks unsuccessfully investigating the suspicion that bicer had been murdered by criminal rockers and that his body had been buried in concrete in a warehouse in altenholz near kiel. This had a hells-angels-aussteiger with reference to horensagen indicated. The warehouse was completely dismantled; however, nothing was found.