Into the wild caucasus

Into the wild caucasus

Tomorrow, thursday, 7. February, takes place in the "struwwelpeter" kronach in rodacher strabe a slide show by torsten hartel from altenkunstadt took place.

Georgia is known as a soviet republic that has become independent. In the north, the snow-covered peaks of the rugged caucasus mountains border the country with its four million inhabitants. A quarter lives in the capital tbilisi – a metropolis between upheaval and new beginnings: EU democracy in the west, overpowering russia in the east. Friendly people and simple houses dominate large parts of the country and show a village picture like 70 years ago.

From the capital, the jeep takes us to the tusheti national park in the north for a hike in the beautiful caucasus mountains. The destination is the town of stepansminda, situated on the fub of the snow-covered, 5047m high mountain kasbek.

Gori and kutaisi are historically interesting cities and the latter inspires with a huge market and a relaxed atmosphere. From here the journey continues to the west of the country, where the small caucasus is also located. Imposing hollow cities, medieval fortresses and the typical georgian-orthodox churches are always worthwhile destinations and give the feeling of being on a journey through time. The journey ends in the second largest and most emerging city of batumi on the black sea.

Georgia is also worth a culinary trip. To give the evening something special, ostri, a typical georgian dish, is offered. The lecture starts at 19.30 o’clock, the entrance costs 5 euro.