Burgerverein scheuerfeld active for 40 years

Burgerverein scheuerfeld active for 40 years

The doreihnacht. The oven festival. The scheuerfeld club calendar. There probably wouldn't have been any of this without the burgerverein scheuerfeld. But this is not what it was founded for 40 years ago. "It should, so to speak, replace the scheuerfeld municipal council when scheuerfeld becomes a district of coburg", says werner leib. He was one of 48 people from scheuerfeld who voted at the castle's meeting on 15 june. April 1972 the association was founded. He was then also immediately elected as schriftfuhrer.

Leib was active in the association for 30 years, as a member of the board and for several years as chairman. Back then, in the early 1990s, the burgers' association fought against a possible "west route the A 73. It had passed coburg to the west. The choice fell however then on the east road and many scheuerfelder probably a stone from the heart.

Because scheuerfeld developed after the incorporation into the city into one of the rough building areas of the city. The fact that land was available for new housing and that the people of scheuerfeld had already financed water pipes, sewers and proper roads from their own resources was the dowry that the "gaabbauern" were able to provide into the marriage with the city.

The alternative to incorporation would be a "municipality west had been, remembers werner leib. Weidach, weitramsdorf, neundorf as well as scheuerfeld and beiersdorf should have been part of it. But the town council did not play along, and neither did the people of scheuerfeld: they decided in a vote to annex the town to coburg. The city enticed them with a bus connection and the promise to install streetlights.

Complaint about information flow
However, nothing came of it so quickly, as the burgerverein soon complained. But in the meantime the lanterns are up and running "and we are also regularly present at the traffic shows", says hubert pieschel, the current chairman of the burger club. "But the flow of information could sometimes be better."

The people of scheuerfeld are actually well represented in the town council: alfred lieb (CSB), roland eibl (CSU) and mathias langbein (SPD) pay as scheuerfelders, although langbein lives in tiefenstein. This settlement has always belonged to coburg, even though it borders directly on scheuerfeld. But the bird's nest belongs to weidach, even if it seems to be in scheuerfeld.

40 years ago there was also a school association with weidach. It no longer exists, but the people of scheuerfeld still care about their elementary school. However, the district belongs to the area of the melchior franck school on the lookout. It is planned that the school building in scheuerfeld will be used, but there must be enough children in each class.

Here, too, criticizes deputy chairwoman elfi strobel, the city has reported only inadequately on developments. "They probably believe that the town councils inform us", mutmabt hartmut forkel, also one of the association's founders.

Even today, the burgerverein still sees itself as the true champion of the interests of the district. The village life of 1972 no longer exists – also because of the new construction areas. The people of neuburg know little of the early life of the village. The burgerverein is nevertheless trying to create something like a scheuerfeld identity. Every two years he organizes the scheuerfelder doreihnacht. She is supported by all the associations of scheuerfeld "but if we do not push, nothing will happen", sighs elfi strobel.

Cake and christmas tree
The annual oven festival is also one of the self-imposed duties, and, as things stand, so is the setting up of the christmas tree. For years, the city had organized this and saved money in 2011. Without further ado, elfi strobel loves to cut down a fir tree in her own garden that had to go anyway. It will be similar again this year – but this time alfred lieb will donate the tree.

In 2000, the association organized the celebration of the 900th anniversary of the founding of the town. Village jubilee.

"That was already a highlight", hartmut forkel remembers. The burgerverein also plays a leading role in the annual church consecration festival, printing the flyers and organizing the "standela". Otherwise, says elfi strobel, the association has little to offer its members: "we don't lend out scarifiers or garden shears." The association is mainly engaged in "idealistic" activities, complemented by hartmut strobel – just for the social and political life in the village. The burgers' association takes great care to remain neutral in terms of party politics.

Festival on friday
At least the association is present in many scheuerfeld households: twice a year it publishes the calendar with the scheuerfeld association dates. The association currently has around 170 members, and under-30s are also signing up again, as pieschel proudly reports. "Interest in the village community and what happens here" the newcomers should bring along, says werner leib. The next opportunity to get to know the burgerverein and the district of scheuerfeld better will be on friday, 16 friday. November. At 19.30 o'clock the autumn meeting takes place in the basement of the gymnasium of the TSV scheuerfeld.

Because the foundation of the association is to be commemorated, an entertaining program has been put together. Roland eibl reads excerpts from the scheuerfeld chronicle. In addition, the films "900 years of scheuerfeld" will be shown from the year 2000 and "scheuerfeld – a journey through time" presented by wolfgang knab. The musical framework is provided by the "french folk music group gereuth".