New recycling center is ready

The first lowered waste collection point, a solar system, LED lighting, flower strips, plenty of space for the delivery of recyclables: this and much more characterizes the new recycling center of the district of bamberg in the direct vicinity of the building yard and the new fire department building in hallstadt.

"The county’s waste management department has expanded its range of services. At the same time, in 2018, the district committees decided that the refuse collection fees would remain stable for at least four years", at the opening of the recycling center, district administrator johann kalb (CSU) was pleased with the efficient waste management system.

According to the district administration, the cost of the new recycling center in hallstadt is a good 400,000 euros. All in all, a network of eleven such facilities in the district ensures that recyclable materials are delivered as close as possible to where people live. "They are an important component of the waste management concept", according to kalb.

The second mayor of the city of hallstadt, ludwig wolf, rated the new, modernly designed recycling center as "an excellent way of countering the throwaway society.

The previous recycling center was no longer able to meet the increased requirements of differentiated collection of recyclable materials. At the end of 2017, the district committees cleared the way for the realization of the new recycling center. In this context, particular attention was paid to the fact that, despite the coarse design, further development is possible, that the entrance and exit are separate, in order to allow for turning maneuvers and the use of the new recycling center. To avoid oncoming traffic and the associated risks of accidents as far as possible. In addition, sufficient rough canopies were created to be able to store certain waste in a protected manner. Many containers were placed with the opening "to the front" placed to ensure an easy drop-off of recycling waste for the customers.