Agypt’s election favorites were not allowed to compete

agypt's election favorites were not allowed to compete

The race for the presidency in agyprus is taking place without three of the most promising candidates. Election commission rejects their candidacy on formal grounds. Election turns into posse.

The electoral commission reaffirmed its decision to exclude ten candidates from the presidential election. This was reported by agyptian state television on tuesday evening.

Accordingly, the muslim brotherhood candidate chairat al-shater, former intelligence chief omar suleiman and radical islamist preacher hasem abu ismail were excluded. They had all been disqualified over the weekend along with seven other candidates on formal grounds. However, the election commission rejected their appeal against the decision.

Abu ismail and his followers reacted particularly strongly to the commission’s decision. Hundreds of long-suffering salafists protested outside the election commission building on wednesday. Abu ismail called some of his former supporters "traitors". The salafist candidate was disqualified after the authorities discovered that his mother had a US passport. Abu ismail had denied this and spoke of a conspiracy. Some salafists, however, were wary of him in recent days. They obviously had doubts about the version of the preacher.

According to egyptian law, not only must candidates be egyptian, but their parents and spouses may not be of any other nationality.

Al-shater disqualified from election because of several convictions under the mubarak regime. The muslim brotherhood sharply criticized the commission’s decision, but "with a view to the well-being of the nation" they did not want to cling to it, the islamists explained. They now send their substitute mohammed mursi, the leader of the freedom and justice party, as a candidate in the race.

Ex-intelligence chief suleiman, a former close confidant of ousted president husni mubarak, was disqualified because, according to the election commission, he failed to gather enough votes from supporters in all provinces of the country. Surprisingly, polls showed he had a good chance of getting the most votes in the first round of voting.

The final list of candidates will be announced on april 26. April. The election, initially scheduled for two days, will begin on 23. May. If no candidate achieves an absolute majority, a two-day runoff election will be called, which will take place on june 16. June is to begin.