Nagelsmann expects “no palm fronds” at future club

Nagelsmann expects 'no palm fronds' at future club

The journey, the dressing room, the stadium, the fans, the atmosphere: julian nagelsmann gets a crash course in the DFB cup about his future employer RB leipzig. However, the 31-year-old does not expect a special reception.

"I have no expectations as far as the welcome is concerned. They should welcome me when I’m there and I’m their trainer. I don’t expect banners or palm fronds or happy dances," said the head coach of TSG 1899 hoffenheim ahead of wednesday’s explosive second-round match in leipzig. There, the 31-year-old will be welcomed on 1 january. July take over the coaching from ralf rangnick.

In the second duel against RB this season, nagelsmann still has something to make up for. The home match in the bundesliga on 29. September was lost with 1:2. The satisfaction of having shown his colleague, who is almost half his age, was evident to rangnick at the time. How the two ambitious tactics freaks – nagelsmann as head coach and rangnick as sports director – will work together from 2019/2020 onwards will be one of the most exciting questions in german soccer.

The rangnick-nagelsmann duel is of course not something the latter wants to hang his head high on. In principle, fubball is a "players game, not a coaches game. I would like to win – for my team, for progress, for this club here."

Nagelsmann has one from 1 at the leipzigers. July 2019 on valid four-year contract signed, which both sides had already made public in june. In the kraichgau region, no one has yet had reason to call nagelsmann a "lame duck" in view of his unusually early announcement of his departure. The first quarter of the season was difficult at times for his team, as they had numerous failures in their first champions league season and regularly missed the best chances. But there was no doubt about his work.

"He exemplifies this optimism every day with his trainer and support team," said sporting director alexander rosen in praise of his trainer during the critical phase. "Never give up, get up, keep going, even when bad luck strikes like it has lately."

Things could get more difficult for all involved as the new season approaches – and when nagelsmann’s successor is announced. Until winter rosen wants to have found this. In leipzig, rangnick will seek the opinion of his future head coach in squad planning.

"But of course, should we come to the point in the winter break where we decide on the commitment of a player for the coming summer, we would not do that completely over his head," said rangnick. His hoffenheimer colleague himself explained: "we have no contact. What the ralf said does not exclude this."

With his desired candidate it could come then also gladly to hard confrontations, said rangnick this week a. "Behind closed doors the sparks are allowed to fly. What speaks against it?"With former coaches alexander zorniger and ralph hasenhuttl, too, there had been friction points: "it won’t be any different with julian nagelsmann."