Hocke may remain in the afd for the time being

Hocke may remain in the afd for the time being

Thuringian right-winger bjorn hocke will not have to face expulsion from the afd for the time being. The german press agency has learned from the federal party that the thuringian state arbitration court did not find hocke guilty of any misconduct detrimental to the party.

Last february, the party leadership had spoken out in favor of excluding hocke from the party because of his controversial speech in dresden on 17 january last year. January 2017 to end. However, a written verdict is not yet available, it said.

This was also confirmed by the afd state parliamentary group leader in saxony-anhalt, andre poggenburg. "The verdict is not yet available, but it can certainly be assumed that it will end this way," he said, referring to participants of the hearing on thursday. "The party exclusion procedure is a completely unacceptable instrument in this case," he added. This had also been confirmed during the hearing.

Thuringia’s afd state parliamentary group stressed that the process was not yet complete. Faction spokesman torben braga explained that he had received information from a member of the state arbitration court "that a decision can be expected by the middle/end of february at the earliest".

The old federal executive committee under former afd leader frauke petry had based its motion both on hocke’s call for a "180-degree turnaround in memory policy" and on his criticism of alleged careerists in the party.

With alexander gauland and jorg meuthen, however, there have been two men at the head of the party since the beginning of december who support hocke. At the time, they had voted against the motion to exclude them from the party. It is uncertain whether the new executive board will find a majority to take the case to the federal arbitration court.

Together with hocke was on 17. January last year, judge jens maier also appeared at an afd youth event in dresden’s ballhaus watzke. With a view to the crimes of the nazi era, maier had at that time declared the "cult of guilt" to be "definitively over". In addition, he spoke of a "creation of mixed peoples" that served to "eradicate national identities".

The executive board issued a warning to maier, who is now a member of the bundestag, for a racist comment about noah becker. Maier was also called upon by the party leadership to exercise more care in the selection and management of his staff in the future. A party spokesman later announced that the executive committee of the afd parliamentary group had unanimously backed the vote of the federal executive committee.

At the beginning of january, maiers twitter account posted the following sentence about the son of former tennis star boris becker: "it seems that too little attention has been paid to the little half-negro, otherwise his behavior cannot be explained." The comment referred to an interview. In this noah becker had declared that berlin was a "woman’s city" compared to london or paris. He himself had already been attacked because of his brown skin color. Becker has a painting studio in berlin, works as a DJ and is a member of a band.

Maiers comment was deleted later. The afd deputy explained that becker had been unknown to him until then. The tweet had been deleted by an employee. He has since terminated the employment relationship with this employee, maier said. He also explained: "this tweet not only contradicts my style, it also does not reflect my thinking."He apologizes for this to noah becker.