Will carolin kebekus be the new cindy aus marzahn??

will carolin kebekus be the new cindy aus marzahn??

The hullabaloo over her accusations of censorship against WDR have brought carolin kebekus (33, "ghetto cabaret") a lot of attention. Attention that could now benefit it. Because originally their show was "kebekus!" Intended as a pilot episode on einsfestival. But on the television show "TV total on prosieben, the enervated comedian told host stefan raab (46 "schlag den raab"): "actually, several shows were planned, but now we’re stuck with one." According to the media service "DWDL" kebekus is already in negotiations with RTL. "We are talking to carolin kebekus", RTL spokesman claus richter says.

This public dispute was not entirely inconvenient for the 33-year-old. In this way, she can force her departure from ARD’s digital subsidiary station. It’s also a good thing that RTL has been aired on satelite since the departure of cindy aus marzahn (41 "not every prince comes on a horse") in april.1 a place has become free in the program.

The WDR, on the other hand, does not necessarily see the course as being set for separation. Although the station regrets the reappearance of kebekus on "TV total, but added that "our doors remain open in any case."

Origin of the whole trouble was the church video "dunk den herrn!". In this, among other things, it licks over the body of jesus christ on the cross. The editors had not seen the entire "kebekus" program!" Including the controversial video was approved. But one day before the broadcast last wednesday, WDR pulled out and removed the music video from the program. Kebekus then made a call to "TV total" called for a boycott against their own show.