Now the citizens of burgenland will decide on the hotel on the main river

Now the citizens of Burgenland will decide on the hotel on the main river

In the end, it was a pure matter of form in the calm and emotionless volkach city council meeting: with 21:0, the city council declared the citizens’ petition against the planned hotel on stilts on the main river admissible on monday evening. The review by the electoral office showed that 1645 of the 1824 signatures submitted were valid. 731 had been required; this corresponds to ten percent of those eligible to vote.

Three-party alliance against hotel location

The initiators of the petition, a coalition of the nature conservation alliance, the grunen and the mainschleife landscape conservation association, also declared themselves in favor of sunday, 29. July, agreed as the day of the referendum, which the council has now set.

A good two and a half years ago, the city council decided to redesign the foreland of the main river, also known as the mainland. This affects the area between the camping site and the main bridge, where excursion and river cruise ships also dock. In the meantime, city planner dag schroder from schweinfurt has been commissioned to plan the project. When the council’s decision was made, it was the reason for ralph duker, winemaker and restaurateur in volkach, who runs the hotels "zur schwane" and "turmdieb" as well as a winery there, to put his vision into practice. Duker wanted to build a hotel directly on the river main in order to "make it possible to experience the river main and wine".

Construction in flood and nature conservation area

Because this area is in a flood zone and partly in a nature reserve, the authorities have set the bar high for any development. "Even before the plan was finalized, we approached all the necessary authorities," says duker, i.E. The city, the district office and the water management office. The association learned about the conditions under which the plan could be implemented. This includes that the hotel must be evacuated in the event of a flood warning. In the end, duker presented the plan to the city council, which unanimously gave its approval in september 2017. The approving authority is the district office, and it will not issue a building permit until another prerequisite is met – the change of the land use plan.

Duker argues that his hotel can only be built on this site, "and if it is rejected by the burgers’ decision, i will not build it. I don’t have a plan B".

Council unanimously approves request

After the unanimous council decision, resistance arose from the nature conservation group, and soon the association "burgerinitiative landschaftsschutz mainschleife LAMA" was founded. Together with the greens, the alliance was formed that initiated the citizens’ petition. In the meantime, the city council had formulated a council petition to oppose the citizen petition. This too passed without discussion and without emotion on monday with 21:0.

The BI only failed with its application for a purely brieahl vote. Mayor peter kornell spoke of "constitutional concerns," and several councilors also advocated a classic election with polling stations plus a ballot. The majority of the council voted 14-7 in favor of this option. Those eligible to vote will soon receive the election notification together with a ballot paper and a ballot paper for the election. The council instructed the initiators to provide election workers themselves to prevent later accusations of manipulation.