Kehlbach fools doubt marriage luck

Kehlbach fools doubt marriage luck

What happens when a small community of around 330 residents pulls together became clear over the past two weekends. The kehlbacher proved with their butten evenings – this year there was a fourth event for the first time – that they are able to put on something rough and foolish.

Around 70 burgers were on duty in front of and behind the scenes. A program of about five hours was offered, which caused furore with the audience: a colorful, varied stage set, great lighting effects, a council of eleven made up of women, a musical society that provided the evening with a folly-like musical framework, a prince and princess (stefanie fehn and michael neubauer) who provided the appropriate glamour and a session president (michael bansch) who led the audience through the program in a folly-like manner and repeatedly greeted them with a triple "kehlbich" light blue" cheered.

Already at the beginning the lightning and spark guard provided for a feast for the eyes. Then bienchen (bianka loffler) told us how things are in her family after a carnival event. She had a hard time with her husband karl (frank loffler), who saw everything twice the next morning. Carmen loffler complained afterwards about a constantly empty cash box and the too expensive beer.

Jorg loffler comes back

Jorg loffler had a strong performance. He had said that he would be back. He had been asked again and again how he was doing. And he replied: "bad, especially when I go home from a night out at the bar!". He thanked all those who have supported him.

Melanie wich made the fire department hard to handle. She warned her daughter: the guys are all the same, they only have the fire department in their heads. Her husband (michael wich), on the other hand, complained: "before, i could hardly grasp my marital bliss, today i can't embrace it!"

On the alm susi (liane vetter) had a hard time. She should definitely be married. But she had nothing to do with men. So her family put out a wedding announcement saying that she was beautiful and had a considerable dowry. Susi lieb turns down almost all applicants.

"Food on the table"

"The stupidest creature, she said "was once supposed to become a monkey; that went completely wrong, because it has become a man". And she doesn't want a man who comes home in the evening and "leaves food on the table". Even a long hose and a washboard stomach didn't impress her. In the end, she decided to go with a man. She made it clear right away: "you get my body, but not my good and my money!".

Monika neubauer gave an insight into her role as bus driver's wife. She longs for love and togetherness, but the bus always gets in the way.

Michael wich had a different idea of heaven. He was supposed to rejoice, sing hosanna and play the harp all the time, but he didn't like it. He asked for beer. The angel (michael bansch) allowed a drink for once, but that was far too little for the upstart. "I thought I was in heaven, there must be at least one mab!"

The politicians ferdinand (anja welscher) and alfred (andrea kraus), went among other things on the married couple wulf. She wanted a divorce for her birthday, but he did not want to spend so much money. The area between fortschendorf and steinbach is no longer comparable with the frankenwald, it looks like a construction site and a highway. "They will not have the same architects as in berlin?!" Also the motto of mayor klaus loffler ("always this together and fureinander!") lasted.

All-round support

That in kehlbach no more child is to be seen during the day, the speakers justified with the "all around care" from 6 to 22 o'clock in the steinbacher kindergarten. They also discussed the triumvirate of oswald, klaus and roland and their trips to berlin.

In between, actors created a good atmosphere with their dance performances. The minis and the "rock 'n' rollers" came onto the stage. Stefan nemnitz, peter neubauer and michael neubauer brought the mood to bursting point when they invited the guests to a princes' party. And for the finale, the kehlbich male ballet thrilled the audience.