French election has begun in ubersee

French election has begun in ubersee

For months, he has been ahead in all the polls of nicolas sarkozy, the president who is fighting for a second term in office.

Starting at noon (1200 CEST) on saturday, 5000 eligible voters on the islands of saint-pierre and miquelon off the canadian atlantic coast were able to cast their ballots. In the course of the day, the urns were held in other overseas territories such as the caribbean islands of guadeloupe and martinique. On the french mainland, elections will be held this sunday.

According to the newspaper "le figaro," the conservative prime minister francois fillon expects a "50:50 result": "it will be decided by a few hundred thousand votes," he said. Hollande had told journalists the day before, according to "le parisien," that he would consider 52 percent of the vote a rough success. "Even 50.5 means victory," said the socialist, who has been polling at 54 to 57 percent so far.

Sarkozy had recently been able to reduce his deficit. The supporters of the candidates who were elected in the first round of voting on 22 january are still unknown. April are eliminated. These change voters are of great importance.

Reason for early voting in some overseas areas is the rough time difference with france. Without an earlier vote there were still elections in some places, while results have long been available in paris. That’s why almost 900,000 of the 46 million eligible french voters were allowed to vote on saturday.

In view of hollande’s call for a renegotiation of the fiscal compact in the event of his election victory, french eu commissioner michel barnier also warned against a departure from budgetary discipline. "Germany’s culture of stability must permeate all european countries," barnier demands in interview with "wirtschaftswoche. The fiscal pact is a "house rule that we should have introduced ten years ago" – it must be ratified and applied as quickly as possible.