Red-grun and the left move closer together in hesse

red-grun and the left move closer together in hesse

There is agreement on labor and education as well as the implementation of the energy transition, the three state party leaders declared on friday after a second exploratory meeting in wiesbaden. However, the contentious issues – finances and the expansion of frankfurt airport – are not to be discussed until a third meeting on 1 january. November will be discussed.

After the six-hour meeting, hesse’s SPD leader thorsten schafer-gumbel spoke of an "extraordinarily relaxed climate". However, he called the current exploratory talks "open-ended". However, there has been no "intervention" by the federal SPD in hesse, said schafer-gumbel. He was alluding to SPD federal leader sigmar gabriel, who last week called the left-wing in hesse "crazy in the political sense". "Everyone knows that we decide what happens here," said tarek al-wazir, head of the grunen, on the possible influence of his federal party.

In the state elections on 22. September in hesse, neither black-yellow nor red-green had gained a majority. Soundings are also currently underway for a grand coalition and a black-green alliance. Next monday (28. October), CDU and grune meet for their third round of exploratory talks. SPD and CDU expected to meet again next week. Hesse’s state parliament still officially in office until mid-january 2014.

"We have gained the impression that a change of policy is possible here in hesse," emphasized left-wing state leader ulrich wilken after the meeting. But the question of financing will be difficult, he conceded. His party has already made a first concession: the left no longer insists on 30,000 additional new jobs, especially in hesse’s public administration. This is to be understood merely as a "target," said wilken.

Red-green agrees with the left on expanding daycare centers and all-day care in hesse. Municipalities to play a leading role in energy transition in the future. In addition, a regulation should be passed as soon as possible that would require companies to comply with collective bargaining law in public procurement procedures in hesse.

The red-green and left-wing parties postponed the dispute over the debt brake enshrined in the constitution until the next meeting. The left wants to accept this only under certain conditions. Red-grun also rejects the shutdown of the new runway at frankfurt airport demanded by the left in the election campaign.