Bandages applied correctly

bandages applied correctly

First-aid training for preschoolers at the "wichtelland" kindergarten in euerfeld and the "sonnenschein" kindergarten in schernau. Alfons gloggler, a local helper of the red cross, showed them in a child-friendly way what to do in emergencies on five mornings in the community center of schernau. With his "assistants" flori and faxi, who are two baren who have an accident while playing fubball in a picture story, he worked out correct behavior with the children, according to the kindergarten’s announcement. The preschoolers learned and tried out how they can comfort and help in such situations. The treatment of wounds, burns and insect bites was discussed as well as the use of plasters and the application of bandages. And then it got practical: under gloggler’s supervision, the children learned to apply plasters and bandages to each other. The ten preschoolers can also safely make an emergency call and turn an unconscious person to the side in a stable position. According to the press release, the highlights of the course were a tour of an ambulance and a rescue backpack, as well as the awarding of the "trust you" course badges.