A helmet protects against serious injury

Ulba – it was a sunny and warm saturday when police officers from the hammelburg police station were on the bike path in the valley of the thulba river to encourage people to wear a helmet. The prevention event was held under the motto "#headdecision!". Officials provided information at a booth for about four hours, and a local bicycle dealer displayed roadworthy bicycles as well as common models of suitable bicycle helmets.

A large number of cyclists passed by in the course of the action in thulba, it says in a press release. The police officers had mainly sought to talk to people who had not yet decided to wear a helmet. But there were also words of praise for those who "did everything right", so to speak.

In addition to the main topic of helmets, attention was also paid to the technical condition of the bicycles during the discussion. However, the majority of deficiencies found were of a minor nature, according to the police. Many of them lacked the required reflectors, and only a very few had significant deficiencies, such as insufficiently effective brakes.

No one had to fear a warning or a fine on the day of the campaign. In some cases, the officers only gave a warning, which was accompanied by a request to put the bicycle in a roadworthy condition as soon as possible.

With the prevention campaign, the lower franconia police wanted to motivate more cyclists to wear a bicycle helmet. In addition to a video and quotes from prominent supporters, there is more information on the internet on facebook, if you use the keyword "#headdecision" enters.

Cycling enjoys ever-increasing popularity, police press release adds. As a result, however, bicycle accidents have increased significantly – by 15 percent in lower franconia in 2020. Just under half of the cyclists involved in accidents in lower franconia were not wearing a helmet in 2020. Among cyclists killed in lower franconia (2019 and 2020), 9 out of 13 were riding without a bike helmet, police say.