The former concrete jungle is alive

The renovation of the pavement between the main building of the carl-von-linde-realschule and the triple gymnasium has undoubtedly been a success. The project cost the district of kulmbach around 250000 euros as the property developer. The new concept is appealing, not only because of its functionality, but also and especially because of its park-like character.
In the presence of principal monika hild and schoolchildren from the all-day class, district administrator klaus peter sollner () has now officially handed over the auben facilities to their intended use.

Concrete crumbled

The reasons that led to the renewal were obvious. Above all, the concrete stairs were in a state of disrepair, traffic safety was repeatedly threatened, and frequent emergency repairs were the result. The concrete paving had also partially disintegrated as a result of years of frost, and the schoolchildren had to repeatedly avoid tripping hazards.
In addition, the entire gelande was unevenly seated. So when it rained, coarser and coarser puddles formed, which in winter led to black ice. The pathway lighting was also long outdated and outdated and with 120 watts of power per light compared to the planned LED solution with twelve watts per light energetically far from the state of the art.
Until now, it was not possible with the existing stairs to overcome the enormous difference between the bus stop and the parking lot and the entrance level to the gymnasium without steps.
The new route allows for a completely step-free overcoming of the height difference, for example with a stroller, as an alternative to using the stairs. Although the pathway does not meet the standard for handicapped accessibility due to its length – it is steeper than the permitted six percent in some places – wheelchair users can also use the facility with a helper without any problems.

Biotope integrated

The school biotope was also included in the renovation, as the path runs directly past it. New seating for lingering was also created. Finally, a new planting with less sealed areas and a harmonious pathway provides a park-like character.
The overall planning was in the hands of andreas kolb from the district office. For the planting plan, district technical advisor friedhelm haun was responsible, the construction work was done by the company gohl from mainroth. The necessary gelander, which still has to be attached, is made by the company metallbau oertel, from leuchau.

Appealing and close to nature

Principal monika hild noted that there was every reason to celebrate the completion together. "The students in our all-day class were able to see firsthand how a deep hole that opened up when the staircase was torn down was turned into a very appealing and natural-looking facility." The secondary school principal made it clear that the staircase represents a significant enhancement of the school grounds. After all, he says, it is also used by many visitors to the sporting events in the triple hall. Hild also praised the tireless efforts of the two janitors uwe nutzel and matthias arandt in the planting work.
District administrator klaus peter sollner was enthusiastic about the sight: "it has become great. This flat has won absolutely, we have beaten several flies with one flap." This is how they have improved safety and removed the concrete dessert.