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It has been a little while between skincare reviews on Fashionista in Suburbia. I believe that to truly experience a skincare range/product, it has to be used for at least 4 weeks to be able to make a judgement how it works for your skin. That is why I do not review skincare more often.

Whilst I was using the philosophy skincare range,  I had numerous skin treatments, including several Radio Frequency treatments and my skin was over treated – my bad- and resulted in super sensitive skin that could not handle any active ingredients – no vitamin c, retinol or acids until my skin calmed down.

philosophy skincare is new to me, but I have heard great things. The fact that they have a simplified approach to a skincare routine: cleanse, peel, treat. – very much appealled to me.


philosophy was founded in 1996 in the US by Cristina Carlino who prior to philosophy, founded a clinical skin care line prescribed by plastic surgeons and dermatologists.  The aim was to bridge the gap between what was offered in medical offices and in retail stores, so that women everywhere have access to the best skin care technology available.


First impressions:

All the products I received came with a hygienic dispenser, which is a huge TICK for me. No dipping dirty fingernails in jars and contaminating a perfectly good cream.  I have noticed that there are some products within the range in jars and pots, but I did not trial any.  The packaging is clean and simple looking, with inspirational quotes on all the products.




My thoughts:

I am not usually a fan of micellar water – but I finished the purity made simple micellar cleansing water to the very last drop.It was gentle enough to remove all my eye make up without irritating my eyes and to not leave my skin feel tight. I loved it.

I equally loved the purity made simple cleanser. The first, original product in the philosophy collection from way back in 1996.  This is the creamy cleanser I have been looking for. It takes up every scrap of make up, including eye make up, and does not leave my skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. I remove with a warm facecloth and sometimes follow with the micellar water. I will repurchase this one.

I follow with purity made simple ultra light moisturiser. True to its name, it is light and perfect under make up during the day, but I needed more for night time. It worked well on my sensitive skin and did not irritate at all. This will be fantastic day and night in Summer for my skin.


the time in a bottle serum  comes in a large bottle with a small vitamin C activator separately, to be mixed before the first use. The bottle is opaque, so sunlight will not affect the vitamin C. I had to stop using it whilst my skin was hyper sensitive, but have since recommenced using this on clean skin before my moisturiser. Vitamin C is vital for my skin as it helps keeping my hyper pigmentation at bay. (I wrote a piece on Vitamin C HERE )

The time in a bottle for eyes, was another product I was looking forward to trying. It is  an eye serum used around the eyes, before the time in a bottle facial serum and then topped with an eye cream (I used the Kiehls avocado creamy eyecream) . I did not use it long enough to notice a difference in lines as the sensitivity due to over treatment was also around the eye area. What I did find, is that it leaves a lovely cooling sensation and was slightly tightening. Looking forward to using this with my current routine.


renewed hope in a jar glow drops



The philosophy renewed hope in a jar glow drops is one of those beautifully versatile products that I reach for often. I add some to my moisturiser, primer or foundation for that lit-from-within look. And I may also use it on the high points of my face as a highlighter. Love this product.





philosophy amazing grace eau de toilette

in the end, it all comes to one word. grace

A soft floral, that reminds me of that clean, just-out-of-the-shower fragrance. An ultra Feminine, soft, elegant eau de toilette.



In closing: I love the simplicity of the philosophy purity made simple range. It does its job without any other promises. For super sensitive skin, this was like a cool drink of water when you’re parched. Effective. Clean. Gentle. Would I repurchase? Yes, I already have repurchased the cleanser. I am looking forward to seeing the results of the time in a bottle serums.   So far, using this range has been a very lovely experience and I cant wait to try some more.

What is your favourite philosphy product?


*please note, these products were PR samples for reviewing purposes but this does not in any way affect my opinions. These are personal experiences and results may differ for everyone.

philosophy is available from Mecca, David Jones,, Adore Beauty and more.


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