Skincare Review – Avène Physiolift Range

There is one distinctive advantage of getting older: it means you actually got there and hopefully with lots of laughs and memories.

Getting older also means that certain things are happening to your skin: decreased collagen and elastin, skin gets thinner, damage from over exposure to UV becomes more apparent (face, décolletage and hands) and for some reason may get increased sensitivity. For example, I have to be careful around the eye area in particular where I have never had to before.

Last month I was sent the French Pharmacy Range:  Avène Physiolift  – for 40+,  especially for sensitive skin, which promises to plump and smooth and helping the signs of ageing skin . This is my first time using Avène apart from those handy Thermal Mineral water sprays.


Here is what it says on the Avène website:

PRODUCT LINE PHYSIOLIFT RANGE (40+)The PhysioLift range smooths the appearance of pronounced wrinkles, retightens and illuminates the skin.


Well then. Tell me more.


Physiolift restores the skins architecture thanks to a patented trio of exclusive active ingredients that are in close with the skins physiology:

  • Retinaldehyde: a Vitamin A Derivative, smoothes the appearance of wrinkles and lines

  • Ascofilline: High Technology Anti Ageing “Architect” ingredient, helps maintain collagen and skin

  • Hyaluronic Acid Mono-Oligomers: reduces the appearance of skin furrows and visibly replumps skin.


First Impressions:

I absolutely LOVE any skincare products with dispensers. The bottles are all double walled, opaque so light does not affect any of the active ingredients. Each pump is exactly the right dose with no wastage. Packaging gets a BIG TICK from me! The scent is softly floral and clean.

My thoughts:

Starting with the Physiolift Eyes: a lovely, non greasy cream, that is readily absorbed by the skin and definitely softens and hydrates the eye area. There was no irritation which was very important to me. One of my favourite products. I used this twice a day.

Physiolift Smoothing and Plumping Serum is next for an extra boost of hyaluronic acid. This in combination with the Day and Night left my skin hydrated with no tightness at all.

Physiolift Day Smoothing Cream has a slight pearlescent quality to blur out any imperfections and leaves my skin so soft (also a favourite). It is an excellent base for make up, it does not leave any greasy film.


Physiolift Night Smoothing Regenerating Balm has a thicker consistency than the day cream. It is applied after the Smoothing Plumping Serum and eye cream. My skin feels smooth and hydrated upon waking.

Physiolift Precision Wrinkle Filler is in a click-dispenser gadget. This has received some really good reviews, but I have not seen any great difference in my skin. I have no deep lines at the moment (praise be!) so this cosmetic filler is a little bit wasted on my skin!



The results are good: My skin looks plumped and smooth, but it is hard to tell whether this is partly the salon treatments I have received over the last few months. Hydration doesn’t need to be heavy and greasy, this range proves that.

Finally, for us gals over 40/50, this is a great entry into the (and I loathe the term) anti-ageing world – it has all the right active ingredients to help those pesky symptoms of ageing skin. And it is French. So it must be good, non?


I hope you enjoyed this review,

Please note that all products here were provided for reviewing purposes, but all opinions are my own and honest. Just remember that this is a personal review over a 4 weeks trial period and results may differ for other people.

Available from Priceline, Chemist Warehouse and Adore Beauty.

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