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Elizabeth Arden Pro

This month I trialled 3 items of the Elizabeth Arden PRO range, and boy, was I excited to start these: they are particularly targeted and promise to help reduce the appearance of ages spots, pigmentation and even out skin tone.

 Elizabeth Arden PRO is a Professional, Salon Only,  cosmeceutical range (a combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals – cosmetics with active ingredients). Elizabeth Arden, one of the most established and well-known global prestige beauty products company, collaborated with scientist and founder of Priori,  Joe Lewis to collaborate on Elizabeth Arden PRO.

With this partnership, Elizabeth Arden enters the global professional skincare channel with the launch of Elizabeth Arden PRO, a comprehensive skincare line that incorporates groundbreaking, clinically proven technologies in both homecare and professional treatment products.

Anything with a Lactic Acid gets a big TICK in my book, and the products I received have this particular AHA. Originally derived from sour milk, it is commonly a chemical version  in our skin care. Lactic Acid can dissolve the glue that holds together the flattened, old cells in our epidermis, and therefor exfoliate the skin without any harsh mechanical rubbing. A great treatment for dark spots and fine lines. Bring it on!

VERY IMPORTANT with any use of any of the acids: it makes the skin more sensitive to exposure to the sun. Whenever you use anything with a glycolic, lactic or a fruit acid, (look for AHA on the ingredients list) please, please use a total sunblock. If you don’t, actually counteract everything that the treatment is doing.


First Impression: Elizabeth Arden PRO serums and protectors come in opaque, solid packaging to protect the product from sunlight. (although this is a plus but also a minus. There is no way of telling how much product is left in the bottle!) Exact delivery through a handy twist up and pump action. No wastage and no lids to lose. The Pads come in a 50 pack saturated with product, ready to use and to dispose of. I would place this in the higher end, professional strength luxe range.


I received the following :

  • Elizabeth Arden PRO Skin Brightening Serum 30ml RRP AU$160
  • Elizabeth Arden PRO Brightening Peel Pads  50 pads RRP AU$79
  • Elizabeth Arden PRO Triple Action Protector 50ml RRP AU$99

I added to my skincare routine as a cleanser: Youth To The People Prevention Cleanser and  Arcona Eye Dew Eye Serum.



Elizabeth Arden Pro Skin Brightening SerumElizabeth Arden PRO Skin Brightening Serum

A serum formulated with an innovative, proprietary combination of  AHA Retinoid Conjugate and Chlorogenic Acid to deliver unique skin brightening properties that normalize the appearance of uneven skin tones. Skin appears visibly more luminous, radiant and smooth.

My thoughts:

I started using this serum at night first. The Lactic Acid in this product, although milder than a Glycolic Acid, can still cause some tingling until your skin gets used to it.  My skin feels amazing in the morning. It feels soft and over the few weeks I have been using this, my skin has lightened and smoothed, but this is probably the result of  the use of the combination of all three products. It is more of a cream than a milky serum, and I don’t feel like I need to add a night cream.  I have started to introduce this before my day treatment as well, as my skin got used to the Lactic Acid, but ALWAYS wear a sunblock as well. Contains 10% Lactic acid and retinoids amongst other ingredients.

Elizabeth Arden Pro Pro Brightening Peel PadsElizabeth PRO Brightening Peel Pads

These multitasking exfoliating treatment pads with an advanced skin brightening complex are designed to normalize the appearance of uneven skin tones. Skin appears more luminous, radiant and smooth

My thoughts:

I love these little gems. These professional strength pads have a whopping 30% Lactic Acid in each pad PLUS skin brightening Chloregenic acid and should be used with caution, because it makes your skin extra sensitive to sun exposure. But the results are no less than amazing. Use this at night, before your serum and wake up with a glowing skin. Love them. I use them about 2-3  times a week. They can be used more often, but never in consecutive days due to sensitivity.  I use one pad for the face, the décolletage and then use whatever is left over on the top of my hands. This does not get rinsed off.

Elizabeth Arden Pro Triple Action Protector Elizabeth Arden PRO Triple Action Protector

The common denominator in all Elizabeth Arden PRO regimens is the Triple Action Protector – a groundbreaking anti-ageing formulation that provides three levels of skin protection, including a protein protection antioxidant complex to help diminish the appearance of ageing signs, a DNA Enzyme Complex™ to help support the skin’s natural repair system, and powerful ingredients to help reinforce skin’s natural moisture barrier. This multifunctional product is an essential step in all skin health and beauty regimens – a must-have for all skin types. It is designed to help maintain radiant, glowing skin day after day with a universal tint perfect for all skin tones.

My thoughts:

The “hero” of all the Elizabeth Arden PRO products. It is the common denominator in all the treatments. Contains sun screens (it does not actually say what factor on the packaging, so to play it safe I use another sunblock as well).  It is tinted, but it is a very sheer tint, and I still need concealing or foundation. Reading the ingredients, this also has vitamin A (retinoid) which a great resurfacer. I can see why this is the hero product: together with anti oxidants, DNA enzymes and the addition of the vitamin A and Lactic Acid, it makes a powerful protector. The texture is quite milky and a couple of pumps is enough to cover the face and décolletage.

After 4 weeks of using the products I identified the following:

  • My skin is lighter and has therefor my dark spots are a little lighter
  • My skin is definitely tighter and smoother with no dehydration left
  • Using the pads is instant, the glow and the hype is real!
  • The Triple Action Protector is a really nice day moisturiser and works fantastic as a base for my make up
  • The perfect at home treatment after my IPL treatment last year, to keep those pesky spots at bay
elizabeth arden pro review
No make up, no filter

Would I repurchase these items?

YES. Definitely. Because Elizabeth Arden PRO are a Salon Only range, the ingredients are more concentrated. They are also on the luxe side of pricing, but I feel that you can not put a price on looking after your skin and if you find something that works for you, stick to it.

 I would recommend this brightening range to women who are  concerned about fine lines and hyper pigmentation.  Available Salons Only. Find your nearest stockist  HERE

*Please note, these products were provided as PR samples for reviewing purposes, but that does not affect my opinions or my review. These are my own, personal experiences and may differ for other people. I am not a beauty therapist, but rather an ageless beauty enthusiast!


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10 thoughts on “Skincare Review – Elizabeth Arden PRO

    1. You will have to go to a salon to get these Di, it is completely different and separate from the over the counter Elizabeth Arden x

  1. These sound sooo lovely!! I really want to try the peel pads, I am loving using pads at the moment as a toner/cleansing pads/peels anything! I’ll need to give these a go.

    Laura || xx

  2. These sound like great products. I’ve never actually tried ANY Elizabeth Arden products – the 8-hour Cream has been on my ‘to get’ for years (literally) and for some reason I never get around to it …

  3. Well now this range just might be my saviour! Your skin looks SO great Barbe – really appreciate you posting the bare faced piccie. Sounds and looks like a beaut investment – I agree, my face is worth paying extra if I can achieve such obviously beneficial results xxx

    1. It is worth investigating Kat, it is a salon only range for good reasons. Very concentrated ingredients! Let’s face it (pun intended), make up doesn’t look any good if the skin is not right! x

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