10 easy make up tips from Rae Morris, Priceline Pharmacy Make Up Director

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Renowned as one of the most influential Makeup Artists in the world, Rae Morris is not only a number one best-selling author but also four times Australian Makeup Artist of the Year, the longest serving Makeup Director for L’Oreal Paris (2003-2013) and has been inducted into multiple Halls of Fame.

Collaborating with some of the world’s leading photographers, Rae regularly works on editorial covers, and fashion and beauty features for magazines such as VogueHarper’s Bazaar and I.D. Magazine. She has just released her 6th book.

I chatted with Rae at the recent Priceline Beauty Prescription [LIVE] media event, which she attended in her role as Priceline Pharmacy Make Up Director.

I asked her about what make up tips she could share, that I could pass on to my beautiful readers:

“Rae, what tips do you have for us more mature women that are not experts in make up?”

And that was the only question I needed to ask. She is so passionate about her art, it is infectious:

” Oh that is so easy, have I got some rippers for you! At a  conference I attended, a famous cosmetic surgeon  was asked: ” if you could do one procedure to make a woman look more youthful, what would it be?”  Just one. And his reply was: ” Easy. I would even out her skin tone, not touch a wrinkle.”

And when he said that, I got so excited:  I am a make up artist: I have this power,  I can do that. He displayed a 70 year old woman’s face on the screen and retouched in 2 ways: in one picture he erased her wrinkles and in the other he evened out her skin tone. The difference was remarkable. In the first she looked younger but odd, but in the second she looked amazing.”

1. Don’t be scared of foundation, foundation should be easy

Foundation should be easy to apply, think of it like a moisturiser. Foundation should not be complicated. If you can’t do it in the car, forget it. Use a liquid or cream because it moves with your skin.

2. Forget about using powder

Put the powder away, we don’t need it. Shine is your friend. If you’re too greasy, use blotting paper not powder. All you want is less on the skin but with the coverage in one go. Stay away from all the layering.”

3. Use a foundation type to suit your skin

If you have good skin: use a BB cream, if you have uneven pigmentation: us something a little stronger.

If you don’t like shine: Innoxa has a new foundation: Hydro Boost Foundation (she said check my kit, i have it in there!). They are drops and make your skin look like velvet.

Glow shine: Bourjois Healthy Skin – Looks like Giorgio Armani foundation on the skin!

L’Oreal Lumi Magique Light Infusing foundation for a glow from within look.

4. Less is more

What you want is less layers on the skin with more coverage to even out

5. Foundation should be matched to your body

Match foundation to your chest and shoulders, not your jawline.

6. Simplify eye make up

Easiest no fuss eye make up: get a gel or cream no smudge eyeliner and accentuate the outer third of your eyes.

7. Go matte, forget about shimmer

Shimmer accentuates lines, shimmer is not your friend if you’re not a teenager so go matte, matte, matte. If you want a highlighter or shimmer use it on the inner corner only, not on the mobile lid. Do not use highlighter under the brows, it makes them look puffy

8. Try a cream blush rather than a powder

Gel and cream blushes are preferable to powder because they move with the skin. Powder blushes and bronzers will only work if you have powdered underneath, otherwise your skin will just grab and become patchy.

9. Matte is your friend on the lips too

Glossy lips will run in your lines, go matte lips. Matte doesn’t necessarily mean dry. A tip for applying lipstick: bottom lip first, and do not take it all the way to the outer corner, it is japanese trick. As we age, the corners pull down. Less is more.

10. Forget about panda eyes

The best anti ageing tip for eyeshadow is to take your eyeshadow straight out. Do not use a lot underneath the eyes, it tends to make your eyes look droopy. If you want to do a smokey eye, but are a little unsure, do the under eye first and then connect it to the top. Do not lift the lid, because if you apply where you have lifted, then when you let go you can’t see it.

Priceline Beauty Prescription [LIVE] event with Rae Morris

At this stage, 2 people had come to say hi and Rae greeted everyone like an old friend. Melissa Tkautz also came by to kiss her on the cheeks and Rae made her promise to stick around.

It was great to have a chat with Rae, and bask in her infectious enthusiasm. I received a kiss and a hug and left feeling like she is my new BFF.

Til next time,


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  1. Brilliant question babe, awesome answers – thanks for posting all these magical tips and tricks from this incredibly talented and wise lady. Gorgeous photo too – you LOOK like BFF’s xxx

  2. Kim Worrell says:

    Wow that changes a few things that I’ve been doing, Thanks. Great photo, why do you look so young?

  3. Wow, these tips are so spot on! I’ve learnt the less eyelid shimmer as I age trick the hard way lol. I look so much better with matte eyeshadow it’s just hard to resist the gorgeous shimmer! buy dianabol online

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