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I thought it might be time for another lipstick challenge. This one is a repeat of last November: 7 different colours for each day of the week!  Read on if you think you can only one colour! (this post was originally published on 30/11/2015)

I bet if you go check,  you will have more than 7 lipsticks, or maybe more than 14? 20+?And how many do you wear out of those? 2?

We are going to change that next week. Starting Monday, you will dig through your drawers and your handbags and wear those mothers. Yup. Even that Goth dark one!

Follow the prompts, post a selfie on Fashionista in Suburbia Facebook page or Instagram, use the hashtag #7lippies7days  and get inspired by other beauties doing the same!

To give you some ideas I will give you hints and recommendations for each day. See how I make it easy for you?

If you are having trouble choosing keep this in mind:

  • Know your undertones: are you warm, cool or neutral? Best way to find out, if you don’t know, check the inside of your wrists. Do your veins look blue – you more than likely have cool undertones. If they look greenish – you may have yellow tinged skin and could be warm. Can’t tell the difference? You are probably neutral and you can wear whatever the hell you like!
  • What looks better on you? Silver or gold? Usually silver suits cool toned skin and gold suits yellow/warm toned skin.
  • Take in consideration your hair colour, as well. Although if you are anything  like me, you probably can’t remember what your hair colour is. (Grey doesn’t count!)

Monday – NUDE

30 lipsticks for 30 days
Rimmel Nude Collection in Rose Nude 45

I know from previous feedback, that some of you find it extremely hard to find a good nude.  When we are looking for NUDE, it is not your skin colour you are trying to match, it is your own lip colour. Try to find one that is only a shade or so darker or lighter than your lip colour and keep  your undertones in mind. Rimmel has brought out a great range of nudes. Maybelline has a lovely Blushed Nude lipstick range of 6 pinky nude  colours in a Semi matte finish. Cool tone girls choose a colour that has pink or mauve tones.  Warm toned girls, choose something with a peach or beige base. Neutral girls,  take your pick! Never more than one shade lighter or darker than your lips, though.

Tip: go for a sheer colour rather than a heavily pigmented colour, so your own lip colour shines through.  Another tip: if you have made the mistake of buying a lipstick that just doesn’t work for you, adjust the colour with a lipliner.

I have previously written about my fave nudes HERE. (I have neutral skin but look better with a mauve nude shade)

Tuesday – ORANGE

Lancome Juicy Shaker in Apricute
Lancome Juicy Shaker in Apricute

Orange  is my go-to colour for Summer. Nothing screams Summer more to me than tanned skin and an orange slick of lippy. This colour may be more of a challenge for my fair/cool toned friends, but I have a solution for you: stick with oranges with a pink undertone, think Corals!

For my girls with yellow undertones, oh just go for it.

Wednesday – PINK

L'Oréal Collection exclusive La Vie en Rose
L’Oréal Collection exclusive La Vie en Rose

And on Wednesday we wear pink. One of my least favourite colours to wear, but hey, for you girls I do anything. There is something so deliciously girly about wearing pink lipstick, that every once in a while I have a craving. And I reach for either a soft pink, like NARS Catfight, or an in-your-face pink like MAC Candy Yum Yum.

Cool coloured girls: a blue based pink will look amazing on you.. warm toned girls: something with a hint of coral, like a watermelon, will look mouthwatering on you.


IMG_4028.PNGWe worked our way up to this hue, and hopefully you have worked up some courage to wear a punchy colour today. Because the deep berry colours, my fashionistas,  is the funnest, most amazing colour to wear. You won’t need a lot of eye make up because you will let your lips do the talking and it will make your teeth look so white. Supposedly a perfect Autumn/Winter colour, but I say meh. Just wear it whenever you want to wear it.

My lovely cool/pink toned girls: reach for a blue based deep plum, wines and oxblood lipsticks. My beautiful warm/yellow toned girls: burgundy, deep red, dark brick colours will look amazing on you.

Friday – RED

Nudestix Intense Matte in Raven
Nudestix Intense Matte in Raven

A killer red lipstick makes me feel powerful, in control, and a million dollars. No other colour does that.
Everyone should own at least one red lipstick. I own many. From the blue (read cool toned) MAC Ruby Woo, to my new favourites NARS Dragon Blood and NARS Audacious Charlotte. Yellow toned (warm) reds I own include MAC Lady Danger, NARS Audacious Grace. Enjoy wearing your LBD of lipsticks today: RED.  You can read all about how I wore a different red lipstick each day for a week HERE

Saturday – GLOSS

Melli Cosmetics Glosses
Melli Cosmetics Glosses

It is all about matte, matte and matte lipstick right now. Strongly pigmented, longlasting. But a girl needs a slick of something sometimes, especially in the weekend. These Melli Cosmetics Glosses are so beautiful, they have a hint of iridescence and colour and a whole lot of glossy goodness. Show me your glossy lips, whether it will be a lip balm or ointment to the kids sport or a super red glossy for a night on the town.

Sunday – YOUR FAVE!

We are nearly there! Now show us your favourite. It can be one that you have worn this week, or one we missed out on. Show me your favourite pout.

You can find all my colours in the Lipstick Gallery. 

Are you joining us for our 7 day challenge? I am teaming up on Monday  with some great beauty bloggers over on Fabulous and Fun Life. Go give them some love x

Till next time,


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10 thoughts on “7 lippies for 7 days – the FiS Lipstick Challenge!

  1. Barbe, you are so right! I have SO many lipsticks but I always gravitate towards 2-3 of my faves generally nude or mauve tones! But you have inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and get on board the 7 day lipstick challenge, thank you 🙂 x

  2. I wear so many different colours so I love this challenge! My challenge is choosing which of my favourite shades to choose each day. Day 1 is a bit of a challenge for me though, as nude lips aren’t really my thing.

  3. What a fabulous challenge! I might be a little late (can’t wear reds and vampy lippies – well, anything not subtle – to work), but I’m going on vacay in December, so will do the challenge then.

  4. This is an amazing idea! I really need to do this, just probably have to wait when I come back home from USA where I have the rest of my lipstick (I took only favorite ones). 🙂

  5. Sarah cortis says:

    This was a lovely challenge I had a great time and re-discovered my plum lipstick so thanks Barb

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