What’s New in Swimwear? – Sunseeker at Westfield Miranda

Not going to lie. This post was giving me sleepless nights. I am not usually so body conscious but swimsuit shots for everyone to see? Yea.  Nah. Not my fave thing.

Let’s face it. Swimsuit shopping has most of us shaking in their boots/thongs. You can not tell me that not even the most self confident person in the world has some hesitation posting photos in swimwear for thousands to see. (if by this time you are saying, oh i don’t give a hoot: All praise to you! Wish I was you!)
I am (nearly) 53. I would rather sit in front of the mirror playing with make up than go to the gym, my body has given birth, been through surgeries and survived cancer. I have (battle) scars and I carry just a few too many kilos. I know it is impossible for my body to look the same as my daughter’s and her friends’, and neither do I want it to. Swimsuit shopping is up there with bra shopping and jeans shopping for me.

But walking into the brand new Sunseeker store in Westfield Miranda* is like a breath of fresh air. Pretty bright colours, bikinis, swimsuits, beachwear, bags and hats. Just gorgeous. And you know what is gorgeous too? The staff. Making you feel at ease, nothing is too much trouble and they are most importantly, honest. They will tell you if it is too tight/too loose/too revealing/doesn’t fit well. Kate, the manager is so passionate about her store that it is infectious! Go see the girls and tell them I sent you.



I loved the idea of taking one top and being able to wear it many different ways. There is a basic black or the one I am showing here: Paros 11 ways Balconette. ( I could have done with maybe a larger size, I am spilling over a little in some of these images,  but you get the picture) Because sometimes you need extra support when in the surf, and sometimes you will be sunning yourself and don’t want straps so you look good for that off-the-shoulder-top you need to wear this weekend. Am I right or am I right?



So what did I chose? I am a bikini type of girl.  But this is the Summer of the One Piece. And I was guided by Kate who said this is The One. And she was right. It was a bit like Spanx  in a swimsuit giving me a really nice shape. The Serenity Bandeau One Piece.


Sunseeker Westfield Miranda

Sunseeker Westfield Miranda

Sunseeker Westfield Miranda

Sunseeker Westfield Miranda

Sunseeker Westfield Miranda

  • Sunseeker Westfield Miranda


  • Wearing the Sunseeker Serenity Bandeau Onepiece.
  • Hat by Witchery
  • Black and White Beach Throw Over by Seafolly
  • Linen Pants by Seed Heritage all from Westfield Miranda

All Photos by Kelsey Dolan at Sunseeker Westfield Miranda and on location at Darook Park, Cronulla.


This One Piece takes you from the beach to cocktails with the addition of some beads,  some linen pants or skirt and some sparkly sandals. Easy Peasy. It also comes with a small strap to make it into a halter neck, if you feel more comfy that way.


So. Are you doing the bikini or is it a Onepiece for you this Summer?


*please note, this blog post is sponsored by Westfield Miranda, but in no way affects my opinion nor does it my shopping habits!


Til Next time,




14 thoughts on “What’s New in Swimwear? – Sunseeker at Westfield Miranda

  1. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    You look stunning Barbe and I totally get you I’m 53 next month,mwah ?

  2. Love love love what you chose!
    You are looking amazing 🙂

  3. Maggie Obst says:

    Well Barbe, you look amazing. We women with our Bodies! I don’t like wearing,shopping for Bathers. I think we all have this reason,as to not trying them on!

  4. The one piece looks amazing on you!! Also, so good that the bikini has options, no one likes a bad tan line 🙂

  5. I love that swimming costume on you, you look fantastic, very fit and womanly.

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