Real Techniques or Fake Techniques?


It is no secret that I am a BIG fan of the Real Technique brushes. Some of them rate as my very favourite ones. (the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is still my go-to every day foundation brush!) They wash beautifully, stay in shape and don’t fall out.

So when the Bold Metals Collection was released  early this year, I knew I had to have them. There were some innovative shapes and they look STUNNING! In Gold, silver and Rose gold, I had to make them mine. (buy them from Priceline!)

It does not take long for the copies to start to appear, and a quick search on Ebay resulted on numerous offers. And it made me curious: I wonder what these Ebay copies are like? Would there be a difference between the $11.95 copies and the Real Thing?

Only one way to find out!



The boxes were nearly similar! The Fakes’ box arrived crumpled and squashed, the colours were a little off and the print was quite faded. But if you wouldn’t have a Real Techniques box to compare it with, you would never know.


The 100 Arched Powder Brush

The first thing I notice when I compare is how much more weight is in the Real Techniques Brush. The bristles are packed and tighter in the ferrule and is far more evenly shaped on the top. The Fake Techniques is very light and the gold looks quite cheap.

Both brushes are very soft, and these brushes are great all rounders. Finishing, powder and blush.


The 300 Tapered Blush Brush

So lovely I don’t really want to dirty them! As you can see the Real Techniques is fluffier. The bristles are more evenly finished and has a more intense  ombre from pink to white. Again, the weight is the obvious tell tale sign, and metallic handle are very different.


The 200 Oval Shadow Brush

One of my very favourite eyeshadow brushes. Unfortunately the Fake Techniques arrived squashed in the box and even after washing numerous times, it never really straightened. I much prefer the weight of the Real Techniques, as an eyeshadow brush this makes a huge difference for me when applying and blending in way of comfort and ease of use. The Real Techniques brush has kept its shape after many, many times washing, but the Fake one is still lopsided after many times washing.


The verdict.

If you are a make up addict, a little like myself, you will appreciate the quality of the Real Technique Brushes. Good tools are so important when applying precious make up.

I can definitely tell the difference between the 2 sets. If I had to chose, I would choose the more expensive option because of the quality, the way the bristles pick up make up, the luxurious feel of the weight in your hands and ease of cleaning. It is a far more superior brush set than the fake set.

Saying that, if you prefer something pretty to look at and are not too fussed about the quality, I say go for it. Not everyone can afford a good set of brushes and these are an ok alternative.

I may be biased, but go on and save up a little more to purchase the Real Thing instead. It may be a lot for the initial investment, but you will definitely have these for a very, very long time, even with weekly washing!  Copies may be the ultimate form of flattery but in this case you are better off with the Real Techniques set.


Have you tried or purchased any copies and what did you think?


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21 thoughts on “Real Techniques or Fake Techniques?

  1. I haven’t tried the fakes but I do love the Reals! To be fair, they aren’t super expensive compared to a lot of other brushes especially when they’re often on special at Priceline or Catch Of The Day. The Face Expert is also my daily go-to and I love the Blush one as well. I think my next one will be the Eye Expert collection!
    Beth at recently posted…Review: Natural Instinct’s Rejuvenating Rosehip OilMy Profile

    1. You are right Beth. The Bold Metals are a little more pricey than the basic Real Techniques brushes, but in my opinion are so worth it! x

  2. Oooh the real techniques look so glam! I prefer to buy the real thing when it comes to makeup brushes just for the fact they last so much longer!!
    Jackie recently posted…Madame Ladybug SeptemberMy Profile

  3. Amazing post Barbe! I always wonder what the difference is (apart from price and quality) between the fakes and the real deal but you have taken al the guess work out in this post! You can see straight away from your pics the difference in colour, quality and authenticity – although from the outside packaging it definitely is hard to pick it if you didn’t know any better! Really enjoyed this post 🙂 x
    Marisa recently posted…September FavouritesMy Profile

    1. Thank you so much Marisa x I have been wanting to do this for a while now, but felt like I needed to use and wash them to properly do a review/compare x

  4. My skin is so sensitive so I always worry about the bristles and what chemicals are on them and them manufacturing process of cheap brushes. I personally think the Real Techniques metals range is a bit over priced, but I’d rather pay that than have a reaction 🙂

  5. Great review and comparison! It’s sad when other companies do this and get away with producing an almost exact replica of the product and packaging. Tricky devils. They look great and I love RT brushes and their sponge as well! Tal xo

    1. Thanks Tal! There is always someone trying to cash in on good products by copying. I guess it is one way to keep companies on their toes to come up with bigger and better products!

  6. Gee I reckon it’s WICKED how they even photocopy the box! I’m in for the real deal these days – I’ve bought cheapies in the past and find they often shed all over the place so I’ve learnt my lesson. This is such a terrific subject Barbe, thanks doll ♥

  7. Wow, it’s crazy to see how similar they are. I imagine someone who hadn’t had a chance to see the real deal in the flesh could be very easily fooled!

  8. Beautiful! and amazingly brilliant post. A debt of gratitude is for supplying this information.

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