My Styling Session at Veronika Maine – Westfield Miranda

Veronika Maine rates high on my list of favourite stores, particularly for work wear. I like their classic, edgy style that will look good in any corporate culture. For my next instalment of new Spring Trends at Westfield Miranda*, I wanted to look at some of the new pieces from Veronika Maine and I enlisted the help of Westfield Miranda ‘s  Stylist, Adriana Fernandez.

Veronika Maine, Westfield Miranda
Adriana Fernandez, Westfield Miranda Stylist and I in the Styling Suite


With over 25 years experience in the Fashion Industry, she has an amazing sense of style and balance. After a thorough consultation in the glamorous Styling Suite  where Adriana and I discussed all my wants, needs, dislikes and likes, we headed to the Veronika Maine Store.

We decided I would choose some pieces and Adriana would pick some as well. “Am I ready to get out of my (black) comfort zone? Sure!”

Veronika Maine, Westfield Miranda


Rather than piling everything in the change room, Adriana explained that we will try one outfit at the time, because it can become quite overwhelming in a small change room.


Outfit Number 1.

Veronika Maine, Westfield Miranda
Veronika Maine Lace Trim Cami, Metallic Print Pleated Midi Skirt, Stretch Suiting Collar less jacket

Out of my comfort zone? Hell yeah! Can you tell by my face? I felt a little nanna in that skirt, but now I look back at the photos I am thinking that this could actually work quite well.


Outfit nr 2.

Veronika maine, Westfield Miranda
Lace trim Cami, Green Bomber Jacket and Border Striped Tapered Leg Pant

I am in LOVE with these pants! It has a front wrap and cuffs with a cutout detail. I like how Adriana used a little colour with the cute khaki bomber jacket. I loved this outfit.


Outfit nr 3.

VEronika Maine, Westfield Miranda
Border Striped Tapered Leg pant, this time with the One shoulder Tie Knit, and the Textured Spliced Vest

It is just getting better and better. Adriana pulled out things off racks, hitched my pants up and draped this vest over my shoulders. She never stopped and ran around trying different accessories. Absolutely adored this look.

Veronika Maine, Westfield Miranda

Outfit nr 4.

Veronika Maine, Westfield Miranda
Knit Cutaway tank and Midi Ruffle Skirt

Now, here you can really tell that Adriana knows her stuff. I would have NEVER picked this skirt, thought I would have been way too short for this. But I think it looks great! The knit top streamlines the whole look.  And it is a pop of colour to break away from the black and white!


Outfit nr 5.

Veronika Maine, Westfield miranda
Veronika Maine Fluted Dress

I picked this dress. I saw it in the Veronika Maine new Summer Campaign and loved the look of this. But when I tried it on, it just wasn’t suited to my shape. Someone taller, perhaps, and not too busty perhaps? Anyway, it was fun trying it on, a great dress just not for me.


Outfit nr 6.

Veronika Maine, Westfield Miranda
Side Ruffle Top with Double Weave Wide Leg Crop Pants.

Ok. This is SO me. I can see that top going really well with the striped pants too. Such a great work look!


Veronika Maine, Westfield Miranda

Excuse the stunned mullet look, but this is Adriana adjusting, adding, draping, undoing, doing up and basically making sure everything looks just right.


Outfit nr 7.

VEronika Maine, Westfield Miranda
Lace up top and matching rich textured weave pants in a gorgeous navy

veronika maine, westfield miranda

This was a great outfit. The unusual lace up drape, made this a very edgy piece. Loved the matching culottes.


What an experience to be styled like that.  Adriana took only a few hours to put 7 outfits together, and another couple of outfits for a special event I am going to next week (pictures to come!).  Adriana says:

I work closely with all my clients to understand their needs and their budget and deliver style solutions that suit their body shape, lifestyle and accentuating their best features.

Everyone deserves to be Styled no matter their age, size or budget and my philosophy is simple “look good to feel great” and my approach to fashion styling is positive and sincere.


How deflating can it be to be hunting for an outfit for a special event, and you can not find what you want. Or you are in need of a new wardrobe for a new job. Or you have a wardrobe full of clothes but don’t know how to put everything together. A session with a Stylist can actually put you on the right track and set you up for easier shopping in the future.

I highly recommend attending a Styling Session,  (what a great gift this would make!) and I highly recommend Adriana if Westfield Miranda is in your hood. She just “got” me. She “got” my style and was not afraid to steer me in another direction to nudge me out of “black”.

Thank you for an awesome evening Adriana and Westfield Miranda, I feel like I have been shopping with a new bestie! (and wait til you see what she picked for me for a special charity luncheon next week!)


Westfield Miranda, Veronika Maine
Adriana Fernandez, Westfield Miranda Stylist


Have you ever had a styling session done? What did you think?

All photos taken by Leanne, from Shutterspeed Moments. Thank you to the beautiful girls from Veronika Maine for putting up with our antics. x


*Please note, this is a sponsored post by Westfield Miranda . This does not affect my opions and views. I am not a supermodel nor am I a professional, I am just passionate about ageless style and beauty. I (mostly) wear M or 12-14 on top and am a little smaller on the bottom 10-12 usually. Results may differ for individuals.


Til Next Time,








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11 thoughts on “My Styling Session at Veronika Maine – Westfield Miranda

  1. Those striped pants are stunning. They look stylish, comfortable and easy to wear. That’s a winner in my books!

  2. Louise Moroko says:

    Barb, loved the outfits in particular no 4 & 6. Great styling

  3. Sandra White says:

    Love those black & white pants! Real dress em up or wear them comfy.

  4. I loved all the outfits, but I just loved loved the navy lace up top and pants… just gorgeous

  5. Katie broom says:

    Wow !!!
    I was so extremy inspired by this styling session .
    absolutely loved the black and white striped pants and the side Ruffled white top .
    Oh and I loved the navy lace up top and matching pants .
    I definitely need to go to Veronika Maine . Love all the looks .

  6. Oh my goodness! I love every single outfit! Must go shopping….NOW!!

  7. Love your style, yet again I will be off to westfields on pay day. Veronica Main,
    See you soon

  8. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    Love? especially the striped pants,the Navy outfit and those culottes on you barbe?

  9. Loved outfit number 7 on you.

  10. Love this post Barbe! I love Veronika Maine and the main Cue brand. Both my mum and I adore them, and we’re 27 years apart 🙂 Talk about ageless…

    I really want to have a stylist session one day, just for something special.

    Maddie |

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