Product Review – Lip Monthly Subscription bags June, July and August 2016

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know I have been a subscriber for well over a year. My collection of lippies is growing, and I love receiving products that we are unable to purchase in Australia. Every month you get  3-4 full sized products, and every month there is a little bonus product as well!

Lip Monthly is  US$12.95 per bag, per month, and that includes free worldwide shipping.

If you would like to join up, all you have to do is at join HERE and  use the special code  FASHIN55  at check out to receive a 55% discount on your  first bag. Please note, that I am an ambassador and therefor Lip Monthly is an affiliate program of Fashionista in Suburbia. This means that I get a couple of dollars every time someone signs up and uses this code. This is no extra cost to you. x
So what is Lip Monthly? It is a monthly subscription bag from the US at a cost from US$12.95 per month with free shipping world wide!

This is what it says on the website:

We Search For the Best in Lip Products!

Every month Lip Monthly’s experts travel across the country to find the best products in retail stores, so you don’t have to. We will bring you the best deals on the market, in our beautifully designed packaged bags. All that’s left for you to do is try them on!

A Unique Experience Each Month

You Choose your Duration:
1 Month, 4 Month or Annual

Whether you love Lip Gloss, Lip Stick, Lip Balm or Lip Stain, we’ll send you a curated box filled with all of the above every month, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them each month!

Every  month, the lipsticks come in a different cosmetic bag, all very cute.

This review I will be rating each bag out of 10 on the following merits:

  • Value for money
  • Quality of products
  • Colour selection

Lip Monthly Bag June 2016

Lip Monthly June 2016


  • Be A Bombshell Lip/cheek Stick in Sweetness, US$16, not available in Australia
  • Jelly Pong Pong Lip Butter in Hot Air Balloons, US$18.95, not available in Australia
  • Chrislie Lip Crayon US$13.00, not available in Australia
  • Peony Cosmetics Highlighter US$22 , not available in Australia

Total value according to Lip Monthly : US$69.95



My favourites this month?


My favourite is the Be a Bombshell Lip/cheek stick. It is soft and very wearable as a soft blush. The Jelly Pong Pong Lip butter has a lovely consistency but unfortunately this is too light for me to wear as a nude. The Chrislie lip colour is a lovely brick, which I will definitely wear. I will be interested to see how this pence type product performs during the day. The Peony Cosmetics highlighter is just meh. It is not light enough for a highlighter, but I will try this as a base for my eyeshadow. See if that works.

I give the June Lip Monthly bag an 8 out of 10. This is for the great colour selection (even though one is too light for me, my daughter will love it). There is nearly $70 worth of product in here, so the value for money is there. The quality of the products is excellent too. A very nice bag.

Lip Monthly Bag July 2016

Lip Monthly July 2016


  • Mirabella Lipstick in Coour Vinyl Cherry Shine US$26 – not available in Australia
  • City Color Lipstick City Chic in HeartbreakerUS$4.99- not available in Australia
  • Cougar Lip Plumper £29 – Not available in Australia
  • Bellapierre Eye Shimmer in Cinnabar US$15

Total value according to Lipmonthly: US$74+


Such a cute Summer bag this month! Arriving in the coldest month of the year for us in Australia, this made me yearn for hot summer nights and lazy beach days. sigh.  And we have such interesting contents this month as well! Let’s start with the Cougar Lip Plumper: this is what it says on their  website:

Perfect Pout is not just any old lip plumper. With an active ingredient of Volulip, this lip plumper mimic’s hyaluronic acid injection by doubling its synthesis level but also strongly stimulates the synthesis of matrix and dermal-epidermal junction molecules.

This making an improvement of the internal and superficial lip texture with a visible impact on the lip shape: increases the volume of the lips, Decreases anti-ageing and anti-sagging effect on the lips and improves hydration and softness of the lips.


It definitely tingles, and is cooling. It is quite thick and yes, I can see a slight plumping. Not your “filler” variety but a very slight smoothing and plumping effect. Very nice! Would I pay around AU$60 for this? I don’t think so, but I am very happy to see it in my US$12.95 Lip Monthly. The Bellapierre shimmer is DIVINE! It is highly pigmented, and beautifully shimmery. Very lovely.  Even the 2 lipsticks are great, lovely shades of red, more suited to our Winter than Summer, but that suits me! This bag is an absolute 9 1/2 out of 10! Great bag Lip Monthly!!


Lip Monthly Bag August 2016

Lip Monthly August 2016


  • Seraphine Lip and Cheek Gel  – US$20 not available in Australia
  • Hikari Cosmetics Dual colour stick in Dusk US$15, not available in Australia
  • Manna Kader Lip Crayon – US$24, not available in Australia
  • Lord & Berry lipliner in Romantic Rose – US$10, not available in Australia

Total Value according to Lip Monthly: US$69


Another great value Lip Monthly Bag! US$69 worth of goodies for only $12.95? Bargain!

My favourite product is the Manna Kadar Lip Crayon which actually goes really well with the Lord&Berry Lip liner. A great pinky nude for my complexion. I like the Hikari Colour Stick, the colour is a gorgeous coral pink, but it is really awkward applying this stick. It is just too chunky to use it on the lips! The Seraphine lip and cheek gel is my least favourite, but that is because i am not a fan of lip stains. It applies very patchy, and I tried to apply it twice.


I rate the August Lip Monthly an 8 out of 10. Value is fantastic, great quality and colour selection is fab. The lip stain let it down I am afraid.

In all, I still believe Lip Monthly is great value for money. If you are a lipstick addict like me (check out my lipstick gallery HERE), this subscription will tickle your fancy. Don’t forget to use the code FASHIN55 to get 55% off your first bag.

I will be joining the Beauties over at Fabulous Fun Life on Monday!

Til next time,


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9 thoughts on “Product Review – Lip Monthly Subscription bags June, July and August 2016

  1. A bag for $12 but worth $70? Oh wow, bring it to me, that’s insane! :-O
    Anyway, I think there are some quite beautiful colors which totally worth the money. 😉
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  2. I love this – I should definitely look into a lip monthly subscription box. What a great way to trial new lippies!

  3. I’m just so delighted with what I’ve received so far Barbe – thanks a bunch for putting me onto this value packed subscription! Love my August bag, and must post a review as the colours in my pack are different to yours, plus I scored the Seraphine Berry Tint and it goes on my lips like silk ♥ Total bummer that your gel turns out so patchy xxx

  4. Kalsey Girl says:

    Hi Girls! I love your blogs Barbe! Keep up the good work! I am subscribed to Lip Monthly already for 2 months and the boxes are great! Girls, you should definitely try it. ^_^

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