How I created the perfect Custom lipstick at The Lip Lab – Westfield Miranda

The Lip Lab Westfield Miranda

We have all been there, haven’t we? Your favourite colour lipstick has been discontinued, or you have something with the PERFECT colour but you would really like it in a different finish?  You can now have your own custom lipstick created at The Lip Lab!

I am still in search of the perfect 90s brown but I want a metallic, sparkly finish, and of all the lipsticks in the world, I still haven’t found THAT ONE.

I was invited by The Lip Lab and Westfield Miranda to have my own Fashionista in Suburbia shade created at their new store.  After a consult, you can not only have your own colour mixed, but also choose the finish (matte, gloss, cream)  and with added benefits of SPF, Lip plumper and fragrance.

The hardest thing is to explain what colour you want. “I want a pinky, reddy, nude, with mauvey undertones with a hint of orange” doesn’t cut it. I screen shotted photos, took some old lipsticks that weren’t quite right, and even brought an metallic brown eyeshadow that would be AMAZING on the lips! I think I made it pretty clear what I wanted. We tried a few different colours, and with some adjustments (more glitter more glitter!)  we came to the final result.

The Lip Lab Westfield Miranda
The Formula is noted in my records for future re-ordering
The Lip Lab Westfield Miranda
Mixing the pigments and tons of glitter!
The Lip Lab Westfield Miranda
After warming the mixture, it is poured into a mould
The Lip Lab Westfield Miranda
Some of the pigments, foils and glitters


And here it is: the original FiS (Fashionista in Suburbia) Colour: chocolate brown, with a hint of metallic and subtle (a little too subtle for my liking) glitter, and a lovely mint scent.

What do you think?

The Lip Lab Westfield Miranda

The Lip Lab Westfield Miranda
The Official FiS lipstick!

The Lip Lab Westfield Miranda


The Lip Lab Westfield Miranda

I was a guest of The Lip Lab and Westfield Miranda in NSW. They are located near Zara and Country Road. Prices start from $30 for a lipgloss and $55 for a lipstick. They also do gift vouchers for a fun pressie for your bestie.

Want to create your own? Book your appointment at The Lip Lab Site


I will be linking up on Monday with the other beauty bloggers over on Fabulous and Fun Life!

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Dutch Born, Fashionista in Suburbia lives at the Southern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. A Mum. A Wife. A Lover of all things sparkly, shiny and leopard print. A Shoe, Lipstick and Sunglasses Addict. A Typical Libra. A Breast Cancer Thriver.

16 thoughts on “How I created the perfect Custom lipstick at The Lip Lab – Westfield Miranda

  1. I would love to do this!! Although I think I’d be plagued by indecision and overwhelmed by all the options – or create something completely OTT spectacular that was unwearable for the average day hahaha. You did a great job!
    Beth at recently posted…SPEICK Men Care Review [guest post]My Profile

    1. Ha Beth! I know exactly what you mean! I was ready to go for the Pat McGrath new glitter lipstick, but then thought how horrible it would be to have a coffee with it on! x

  2. Oh Barbe, this lipstick looks fantastic and suits you so perfectly!

    I wish I was able to indulge in this experience, but there isn’t one in Adelaide unfortunately 🙁

  3. I’ve always wanted to try this out! I wider if they have a branch in Melbourne too!

  4. Uh oh, I think I might be in trouble…the only thing saving me from a total bank balance clean out is the fact that I live a LONG way from Miranda lol. What a brilliant idea, what a gorgeous lipstick you created, and what an amazing gift for a lippie loving friend this Christmas! xxx

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