3 Korean Beauty Brands to try – is K-beauty your thing?

Korean Beauty Products (or K-Beauty Products)  are extraordinarily popular at the moment.  And why wouldn’t they be? The Koreans have skincare and make up down pat.

Not for the squeamish, some of the exotic ingredients found in Korean skincare are snail mucin, bee venom and starfish extract, and they are big fans of the sheet mask. The focus is definitely the skin, and the aim is to have a flawless, pore less porcelain complexion.

I recently attended a Sephora Media showcase and there was a plethora of new South Korean brands. I was introduced and received products from the 3 following brands:

Dr. Jart+*

Dr. Jart+ Sheet mask and serum
Dr. Jart+ Sheet mask and serum

The packaging looks clinical and clean, it appeals to me straight away. When I researched the product range, it looks like it is developed by dermatologist and the collection is extensive, offering solutions for concerns like fine lines/sensitivity/dark spots/acne.

I was given a pack of 5 sheet masks to try and a sample of the moisturiser in the V7 range, both targeted at toning.  V7 stands for 7 Vitamins: A, B3, B5, C, E, F, H. Let me explain below what they actually do:

  • Vitamin A – Also known as a Retinoid. Exfoliates the skin and evens out skintone
  • Vitamin B3 – known as Niacinamide, improves skin tone and improves skin moisiturisation
  • Vitamin B5 –  a humectant, which means that it draws moisture from the air to the skin. A clever little vitamin!
  • Vitamin C – reduces the appearance of brown spots and boosts collagen production
  • Vitamin E – Anti Oxidant, helps protect agains free radicals
  • Vitamin F – Essential Fatty Acids, emollient and moisture binding
  • Vitamin H – Or B7 or Biotin, necessary for cell growth and production of fatty acids.

Phew. That is a whole lot of great stuff in a mask and cream. All I can say is the mask is very comfortable, is saturated with a white cream and my skin felt very soft and plumped after I took it off. I think it needs more than one application to show a real difference.

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Caolion Skincare*

Caolion Skincare
Caolion Skincare

Caolion is an hypo allergenic skincare range based on natural ingredients  free of synthetic dyes, fragrances, alcohol and other skin irritants. It is said that the founder wants her products so natural that she can eat them. And apparently she does.

This is a range to purify the skin and has some very interesting products. Purifying pore masks that heat up for cleansing paired up with tightening cooling masks.

I tried the Blackhead Steam Pore mask on my nose. Main ingredients are clay and charcoal and it warms up like a little oven! I have not tried the calming cooling mask but it has been described as a little AC unit for the face. Unfortunately this range is not really suited to my skin so I passed it on to my teenage daughter. So far she likes the sparkling blackhead soap, but is still getting used to the sleeping masks.

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3CE or 3 Concept Eyes*

3CE - 3 concept eyes
3CE – 3 concept eyes

3CE is the brainchild of the Korean Fashion blogger StyleNanda. This is one of the more luxe Korean ranges on the market. Quirky, very pigmented and lovely to use. The matte black packaging with simple white writing is lovely. Some of the products I received: The Fitting Cushion Foundation and the Back to Baby BB Cream are unfortunately way too pale for me. The Glow Beam cream is a STUNNING cream highlighter, and the eyeshadow quad is shimmer galore.

But the lippies. WOW. The lippies are great. There are 50 (fifty!!) colours available and I  received 10 colours. The Original ones are a little creamier than the Matte colours, but are both equally strongly pigmented and one swipe is enough to cover the lips. I feel a little greedy keeping all of them but I love every single colour!

I think I will keep them all to myself!

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There are so many more great Korean brands out there. If you know of any that are particularly great anti ageing brands, help a girl out and let me know in the comments below.

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*Please note, all products were gifted as PR samples for reviewing purposes, but this post is not sponsored.

^Because Sephora is an affiliate in my side bar, if you click on the link it makes me a little money with no extra cost to you! Thank you in advance!


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21 thoughts on “3 Korean Beauty Brands to try – is K-beauty your thing?

  1. I never knew what 3CE was lol I’ll be checking some of these out for sure, Dr Jart has been appealing to me for awhile.

    1. From what I tried it looks very nice. And once you start analysing the ingredients it all makes sense, all those vitamins have a purpose!

  2. Love the look of that 3CE range Barbe – I’ve never gotten into Korean products, but I’m loving those lipstick shades and the formula sounds ideal for a lippie lover like me ha ha xxx

  3. Loved this post Barbe! I tried the Caolion Blackhead Steam Pore mask too and I am not quite sure it worked but things definitely heated up when I applied it to my nose hehe! Thank you for sharing the 3CE lipstick swatches too – you look gorgeous in every shade! I would have kept them all too 🙂 x
    Marisa recently posted…Get The Look: Spring Fling Makeup Tutorial + VideoMy Profile

  4. Hi Barb,
    I love K-Brands, especially their face masks. I’ve been using this brand Tony Moly, and by far, I love their banana, snail, and charcoal masks. I’ve always struggled with stubborn blackheads, and I had enlarged pores, but since I started using these K-products, my skin has never been smooth, and my pores are no longer that visible. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi,

    I have been using Tony Moly Brightening Lemon Mask Sheet, and it really did give me so much satisfaction of skincare. Using this mask sheet pampers me leaving a smooth skin. I hope you can give this a try. I am interested in using V7 toning mask and will recommend this to a friend too. I have read reviews regarding this product and more positive feedbacks than I expected. Thanks!

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