What is Cursillo?

Cursillo is a Christian movement which aims to help people of faith deepen their personal experience of God’s eternal love through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Originating in the Roman Catholic Church in the 1940s in Spain, the Cursillo Movement now operates world-wide across multiple denominations.

Cursillo means “short course” in Spanish. This reflects the one-time three day weekend course particpants experience. After the weekend , you may also participate in optional on-going small sharing groups and larger group meetings called Ultreyas. The weekend is held once or twice per year. Participants experience talks given by veteran lay members of Cursillo and one or two Spiritual Directors who are usually Diocesan priests. Groups of 4-6 people discuss deep topics like Friendship, Love, and power of the Holy Spirit. Bonds are quickly formed. Prayer, song, solitude and fellowship make for a deep spiritual experience that is powerful and positive.

Participation in Cursillo is open to anyone. Applicants are sponsored by a member of Cursillo. For more information, please contact one of the Parish Reps or anyone on the Secretariat who will put you in touch with someone in your community. You can also visit a Cursillo meeting in your local community. Look under Ultreya Locations to find a location and schedule near you.

Cursillo is a method of growing closer to Jesus through Piety, Study and Action. Its intent is to develop strong Christians who feel the love of Christ and wish to ultimately bring His Good News to others. Thus, Cursillo’s long term purpose is to increase the awareness of the love of Jesus in our environment – at home, work and play.