Candidate Information

Candidates for a Catholic Cursillo are chosen and prepared by a sponsor – a person who has already completed their Cursillo weekend. We call the period of preparation ‘The Pre-Cursillo’. In the Pre-Cursillo, the sponsor will invite you to attend an Ultreya group to meet other Cursillistas  – those who have made a Cursillo Weekend and other candidates who are preparing to make a weekend.

The Cursillo weekend in our diocese is typically held twice a year. Usually Women in the Spring and Men in the Fall..  There are hundreds of weekends held each year all over the world, including in non-Catholic denominations.

The preparation period helps the candidate get the most from their Cursillo weekend experience.  In addition, the preparation period with the sponsor helps new candidates join the many support groups offered by the Cursillo Movement after the weekend. These weekly or bi-weekly support groups include a Group Reunion (4-6 people); and an Ultreya (10-50 people).  Grand Ultreya’s happen once or twice per year in our diocese (75-100 people).

In addition, an annual national conference is held once per year in a different city across Canada. Go to to learn more.